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ACE Update – November 2016

  •  President: Let's Pull Back the ACE Curtain
  • ACE: Renew for Great ROI
  • Propose ideas now for New Orleans, 2017 conference sessions
  • Upcoming webinars
  • ACE Facebook page
  • Still time to apply for $$$ for professional development
  • Journal of Applied Communications

President: Pulling Back the ACE Curtain

Let’s pull back the curtain a little on behind-the-scene association activities and show you what’s happening right now in ACE.

President-elect Suzanne Steele and Executive Director Holly Young are updating this year’s Critique and Awards entry forms in Submittable, in preparation for entries this January. Suzanne is also coordinating 2018 conference efforts with Ag Media Summit.

Vice president Elizabeth Gregory North is working with a team of ACE members to create a functional, user-intuitive, attractive website design for the organization.

Past president Brad Beckman and his nominating committee are contacting and encouraging ACE members to run for various offices next spring.

Membership director Beth Forbes and state representatives are combining their considerable talents to forge a membership push. We now have marketing materials available, including pamphlets and cards. And we have our new ACE logo to use!

Our Learning Community chairs are the rock stars of the organization. Thank you for your willingness to provide professional development opportunities for members of your learning communities. Learning Community director Mary Wirth has been working to create a process that, once a webinar is scheduled, automatically moves the notice through social media sites and promoted through ACE email routes.

Janet Rodekohr, our retiree director, not only published the November retiree newsletter, but also began initial efforts to write a code of conduct for ACE members and guide association efforts once a member displays unprofessional and/or unethical conduct.

Research director Courtney Meyers is the board’s liaison with the Journal of Applied Communication, whose board is deciding on a new publishing platform. Courtney is also working with the 2018 ACE conference committee to set how and when the Research and Academic Learning Community members will present and explain their posters in New Orleans.

Treasurer Becky Koch has created financial forms for the association that are much more intuitive and easier to understand than what was available.

And development officer Donna Sheffield and her team are creating ways to find and obtain monies to help fund association efforts for its members and are encouraging members to apply for ACE professional development grants.

There are many, many others working in their own areas I have not mentioned, but the association does not exist, does not serve members, does nothing, without your efforts. No other agricultural communication association has the depth and breadth of ACE. I am proud to be a member.

And, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

– Steve Miller, 2016-17 ACE President, University of Wyoming Extension

ACE: Renew for Great ROI

December is hectic with holidays and activities that mark the end of another semester. It is also the month when most of us think about renewing our ACE membership.

Here are my top 10 reasons why that is important to do:

10. The elves help Santa, but they don’t work for most of us so it’s great to count on helpful ACE members when you need resources.

9. A new president in the White House brings some uncertainty, but ACE will consistently provide quality leadership opportunities for those willing to serve.

8. There are fewer hours of sunlight in December and connecting with ACE colleagues through the listservs can brighten any day.

7. You can get published and share the latest research with peers via the Journal of Applied Communications.

6. Sage advice from seasoned ACE professionals is just an email away and better than any fortune teller or eight ball.

5. You can impress your boss with the awards you win in the ACE C&A contest.

4. No one needs another sweater, scarf or socks. Spend that money on something that people really need like an ACE membership.

3. The ACE annual conference in 2017 will be in New Orleans—need I say more.

2. ACE professional development is free or reasonably priced and can help you learn new techniques or strategies.

1. ACE needs you.  An organization is only as strong as its members. ACE needs the brightest, coolest and most innovative individuals to join with us for the benefit of all.

So, plan now to make that end-of-year commitment to ACE.  You can renew your membership on the ACE website and credit cards are accepted.  For those who joined ACE during the past conference, your membership is good until the last day of conference registration for the ACE conference in New Orleans in June, 2017.

Beth Forbes, ACE Membership Director

Propose ideas now for New Orleans, 2017 conference sessions

Now is your chance to share your insights and expertise with others during ACE 2017: Renewal in New Orleans! The ACE 2017 conference committee has put out a call for professional development breakout session proposals aimed at renewing and refreshing our work, skills, and professional connections.

Proposals should align with one of five themes:
  • Refine (new and improved developments, advances, technologies)
  • Reinforce (strategies, tactics, technologies that emphasize or strengthen the message)
  • Re-energize (stimulating creativity, productivity)
  • Review (getting back to basics; fundamentals)
  • Re-purpose (different channels for products, messages; value-added communications)
In addition to basic session and presenter information, the proposal form asks you to indicate:
  • Audience level (beginner, advanced, or mixed)
  • Session type (lightning, sharing, how-to, application, professional development poster)
  • Length (5, 15, 45, or 90 minutes)
Proposals are due December 15, 2016. Presenters will be notified in February 2017. For details and to submit proposals, click here.

Questions? Contact program co-chairs Jennifer Alexander, Oregon State University or Tobie Blanchard, Louisiana State University.

Jennifer Alexander, Program Committee Co-Chair
Tobie Blanchard, Program Committee Co-Chair

Upcoming Webinars

The Writing LC Presents: Writing for a Wide Awake Web Webinar
Monday, November 21, 3-4 p.m. EST.

Clemson University media specialist, science writer, novelist, former journalist and ACE award winner Jim Melvin will focus on methods of writing online media releases that are up to 1,500 words and yet still don’t put your audience to sleep. Melvin will take you inside a method of writing that will hold your readers’ attention well past the headline, and he’ll reveal additional benefits to going long that might surprise you.

3D Virtual Reality Infographics Production Webinar
Thursday, December 8, 4-5 p.m. EST.

Alan Dennis from Oregon State University Extension & Experiment Station Communications will be sharing about the workflow and tools he uses to create 3D VR graphics and how OSU Extension is using them in conjunction with printed materials and augmented reality.

ACE Facebook Page

Have you checked out the ACE Facebook page lately? Victor Villegas and Elizabeth Gregory North have been posting some excellent content on an almost a daily basis! If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to like our page and check it out often for some great articles, tutorials and resources curated for your professional development.

We would also like to showcase some of our member’s work, so if you have something you would like to share, please send the info to Victor or Elizabeth. Please visit the page.

Still Time to Apply for $$$ for Professional Development

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn and progress in your profession?

Apply for an ACE Professional Development grant. Awards of up to $1,500 go to support specific personal improvement projects.

The grants give you the opportunity to explore new concepts or use technology in innovative ways, engage in interdisciplinary team projects, expand on previous service to ACE, or work with your colleagues at other institutions.

Visit the ACE web page to learn more about the selection criteria and submit a one-to-two-page proposal using the application form (Word document). The deadline for applications is Friday, December 2.

To apply, you must have been a member of ACE for at least three years and be current on your dues. For team applications, the project leader must meet these criteria. Your project should be completed within the upcoming year.

Questions, contact ACE Development Officer Donna Sheffield.

The Journal of Applied Communications

2016 Journal of Applied Communications (Vol. 100, No. 3)
Here are highlights from three articles in the most recent edition:

Millennial Alumni Perceptions of Communications: A Look at One Land Grant University’s Media Use

Amanda Northfell, Leslie D. Edgar, Donna L. Graham, and K. Jill Rucker

As Millennials graduate from college, cultivating relationships with them can differ from those of generation X and Baby Boomers. This study found that no agricultural alumni were dissatisfied with their college experience, but were unaware of the college’s social media presence. The authors suggest communications’ practitioners identify hindrances to relationship building and emphasize the emotional connection graduates have to their alma mater. Link to full article.

Associating Importance with Behavior: Providing Direction for Water Conservation Communication

Alexa J. Lamm, Lisa K. Lundy, Laura Warner, and Kevan W. Lamm

Water is critical to a productive society, so it’s important that water users understand the importance of water conservation. This study sought to determine the level of importance associated with plentiful water and the water conservation behaviors of individuals identified as high water users. Findings suggest high water use doesn’t always correspond with perceived importance of water conservation. The authors suggest communicators understand their audience and provide content appropriately, such as by translating information into Spanish. Link to full article.

What Side Are You On? An Examination of the Persuasive Message Factors in Proposition 37 Videos on YouTube

Amber Krause, Courtney Meyers, Erica Irlbeck, and Todd Chambers

California’s Proposition 37 was a ballot initiative to mandate labeling for products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Although it eventually failed, it generated immense media exposure regarding GMOs and their possible regulatory, health, and economic impacts. This study compared persuasive message factors of Proposition 37 videos on YouTube by looking at for, against, and neutral message videos and how they used various sources, frames, and message appeals. Overall, the videos for the proposal used more emotional message appeals, which can be more effective in persuasive efforts than logical appeals. The authors provide other suggestions for practitioners when creating persuasive videos. Link to full article.

Send submissions, upcoming webinars and ideas to forbes@purdue.edu. Contributors this issue: Steve Miller, Beth Forbes, Holly Young, Courtney Meyers, and Donna Sheffield.

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