About Us

ACE is an international association of communicators, educators and information technologists. The organization offers professional development and networking for individuals who extend knowledge about agriculture, natural resources, and life and human sciences.


Benefits of membership include discounted fees for ACE annual conferences, workshops and award programs; access to special interest group webinars and listservs; opportunities to publish in ACE's peer-reviewed journal; and job postings that can open doors to career advancement.

Constitution and Bylaws

The ACE constitution defines the fundamental principles and organization of how ACE is governed, and the bylaws describe how those are carried out.

ACE Board

The board members work to manage the association to provide engagement and value to membership. They are responsible for following the ACE constitution.

ACE 2015 Strategic Plan, Strategies and Implementation Methods for 2015-2017. The strategic plan, crafted every three years by a committee selected by the ACE president, directs efforts to facilitate skill development and build professional relationships among members.

State Representatives

State representatives are selected among the active members of each state and, working with the ACE Membership Director, they lead communication between the ACE board and the state's members, and  recruitment and retention of local members.


Standing and ad hoc committees carry out much of ACE's work.

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