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Information Technology

Class Descriptions: Information Technology

All entries must include a statement as to the purpose, audience and description of circumstances for development and the role of each entrant.

Judging criteria 1-4: Design 15%, Content 15%, Technical quality 15%, Use of medium 15%
Marketing/promotion 10%, Evaluation 15%, Effectiveness 15%

Judging criteria 5: Organization and Navigation 20%, Activities 20%, Technology 20%, Assessment 20%, Accessibility & Diversity 20%

Information Technology 1 | Interactive media program. This category is designed for interactive programs for distribution through CDs, DVD, touch-screen kiosks or other non-web media. The program can cover any subject matter area used for internal or external purposes. Submit the computer program in Dropbox or as a web URL , and include installation instructions. If this is not possible, submit a video file of the interactive video program in use. Video should include close-ups of screens and numerous examples of decision points, menus and tests (if used). Entry material should clearly define the objectives of the interactive media program, an explanation of the development process, intended audience, delivery timeline and evaluation methods (either conducted or planned).

Information Technology 2 | Innovative use of communication technology. This category recognizes an effective application of emerging information technology or innovative use of an established information technology to educate or inform audiences. Entries should demonstrate risk-taking and/or innovation and may involve projects that use single or multiple information technologies. Submit a URL, a downloadable DropBox file, or a video  showing the technology in use and/or description of innovative information technology. Describe the purpose, audience, instructional design, subject content and evaluation methods (either conducted or planned).

Information Technology 3 | Website. This category is designed for websites for any specified audience. Sites will be evaluated on overall ease of use, design, content delivery, appropriate use of web techniques, appeal to the intended audience and evaluation mechanisms (for determining site usefulness for audience or more formal usability studies conducted with the site). A site may be resubmitted in succeeding years if a description is included indicating how the site has changed from the previous version. In general, at least 20 percent of the site should be made up of new materials, new menus or new ways of locating information. In the supplemental information, highlight the URL of the site and additional URLs for specific pages that should not be overlooked in the judging. You also may wish to submit a screen capture of some pages from the site and information on any special scripting or programming used at the site to provide additional functionality (e.g., database lookups, interactive application, etc.).

Information Technology 4 | Technology education. This category includes entries that demonstrate computer/technology training efforts using any single or multiple delivery methods (e.g., webinar, self-paced instruction, live courses, interactive television, CD, DVD, print, etc.). Entries may include training materials addressing general computer literacy, a specific application (such as a software program or a particular website) or other technologies. Materials should be submitted to demonstrate how the training program was carried out and in what type of educational environment. Training may stress either concepts or specific procedures (e.g., keystrokes). Entries must include the course syllabus, handout materials, computer programs, sample problems, visuals used, as well as a description of evaluation methods (either conducted or planned). Providing a video recording of portions of the training session may give the judges a better understanding of the techniques and visuals used.

Information Technology 5 | Instructional Design for an Online Course:  This category recognizes excellence in online courses. Entries should demonstrate sound design that engages diverse learners and supports learning. Submit a 5–10-minute video tour of the course that highlights how the content is organized, how learners will navigate and interact with the course, any innovative uses of technology to support learning, how learning is assessed, and how the course supports accessibility and diversity.

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