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ACE Rising Star (formerly Pioneer) Award

The ACE Rising Star Award honors communicators, instructors and researchers  who demonstrate exceptional leadership and technical skills in their communication field, to their institution, and service to ACE. Award winners are early in their career and/or ACE membership. The award was created in honor of Frank Jeter, an early ACE member from North Carolina, who made significant contributions to the communication field and to ACE.

Past recipients have revitalized communications at their institution, led innovative communication projects, served as learning community leaders for ACE, initiated and carried out new projects for ACE, and inspired communication excellence in their peers. 

Guidelines for Nomination

  1. Award nominees must be in their first 10 years of ACE membership, and an ACE member for at least two years.

  2. Recipients should be nominated by any ACE member who has direct knowledge of their skills and contributions.

  3. At least two specific examples of the recipients’ contributions to the communication field and ACE should be documented in the nomination.

  4. Impact of the nominee’s work should extend beyond their department or unit to the university, state, region, and the ACE membership.

  5. Current ACE board members and directors-elect are not eligible to receive this award.

  6. No more than five awards will be given in any one year.

  7. The award does not have to be granted each year if, in the opinion of the ACE board, none of the candidates meet the standards required.

  8. Nominees who are not selected as a recipient can be re-nominated the following year.

Any ACE members may submit one or more Rising Star Award nominations via an electronic submission form. The ACE management office will forward nominations to the president for a vote by the board of directors. The president notifies the award recipient (s), the nominator(s), and the recipient’s administrator. The president also notifies those not selected for this award usually through their nominators.

Nomination Form

Past Recipients


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