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Critique and Awards Checklist

  • If submitting your entry as an ACE member, have you paid your dues? Your entry will not be processed until your dues have been paid. If your dues have not been paid by the time entries are sent to the judges, your entry can be disqualified.

  • Have you followed all the rules and included all required materials for the category you are entering? Judges have the option of disqualifying incomplete entries.

  • In an effort to determine how well C&A entries are inclusive of all readers, we ask judges to consider: Does this project's creative concept show consideration for inclusion of all members of a potentially diverse audience (people of various races, genders, socioeconomic classes and other points of human diversity)?

  • Do the category number and name match throughout all parts of your entry?

  • Are all parts of your entry included? All entries require an entry form, a two-page (maximum) supplemental information page and the entry itself.

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