Below you will find numerous ACE PRO tips submitted by members to make your work lives easier. We will add to the list each month!


Ana Iverson with LSU AgCenter has an ACE Pro Tip for ADA compliancy. Iverson is working toward becoming a certified accessibility professional by completing an online program that focuses on the fundamentals of the Section 508 law, web accessibility, document accessibility, mobile app accessibility, and accessibility program management, and then will work toward the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) certification.

Just because your document passes an accessibility checker, does not mean it is ADA compliant. There are manual checks that you need to make in order to know that your document is as compliant as it can be.

Some items you need to manually check are:

    • Logical heading structure
    • Informative alt text
    • Reading order is the way you want it
    • Color contrast is good
    • Don’t use color as the only way to convey meaning in text
    • Link text should make sense out of context


Stacey Stearns from UConn Extension has a LinkedIn ACE Pro Tip. One challenge we've had at the University of Connecticut (UConn) is that you cannot share another's page update on LinkedIn to your business page. We found a work around. If you want to share a post, in the comments section, use your personal account (i.e. Stacey Stearns) to tag/mention the page you manage (i.e. UConn Extension). That comment shows up in your page's notifications, and then you can share the post!


This ACE Pro Tip came from our Annual Conference: You don't have to be a trained video producer to produce marketing or social media videos. Online software makes the job easier.

BiteableMoovlyDoodly and Animoto are several that offer various features at different price points.


Stacey Stearns from UConn Extension has an ACE Pro Tip When the details about the conference were announced, I subscribed to Mark Schaefer's (conference keynote speaker) email list. I've found his marketing emails really useful and ordered his latest book so I can get the most out of his presentation in San Antonio. You can find more information on Schaefer and subscribe to his emails HERE.


Doug Edlund, ACE president and assistant director with University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Marketing and Communications, visited a couple of Knoxville television stations to talk about taking better photos with smartphones. He also gave a presentation, "The Best Camera May Be the One in Your Pocket," at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.

His No. 1 tip: Clean your lens! 

Watch these two videos to learn more: A and

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