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ACE 2021 Academic and Research Awards

Outstanding Paper

Author Names: Marlee E. Stollar, Joy N. Rumble, Emily B. Buck, Annie R. Specht, Wuyang Hu, & C. Lynn Knipe; The Ohio State University

Paper Title: Consumers’ Purchasing Intent Regarding Conventional, Alternative, and Cultured Meats 

Outstanding Paper Runner Up

Author Names: Michaela Kandzer, Valentina Castano, Lauri Baker, & Ashley McLeod Morin; University of Florida

Paper Title: Framing Friction: A Content Analysis Investigating How the CDC Framed Social Media Communication with Public During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Outstanding Paper Second Runner Up

Author Names: Elise Regusci, Courtney Meyers, Nan Li, & Erica Irlbeck; Texas Tech University

Paper Title: A Content Analysis of News Coverage about Plant-Based Milk 

Outstanding Poster

Impact of Source Credibility when Communicating about Agricultural Science on Twitter: An Exploratory Study

Allison R. Fortner, Alexa J. Lamm; University of Georgia

Outstanding Poster Runner Up

Local Health Matters: Understanding Differences in Americans‚ Attitudes and Behaviors Toward the CDC and Local Health Departments to Aid in Extension Risk Communication During a Crisis

Ashley McLeod-Morin, Lauri M. Baker, Angela B. Lindsey, Lisa K. Lundy, & Ricky Telg; University of Florida

Outstanding Poster Second Runner Up

Examining the Role of Feedback on Agricultural Communications Students‚ Writing Self-Efficacy and Self-Determined Motivation

Haley Banwart & Shuyang Qu, Iowa State University

Outstanding Dissertation

Author Name: Nellie Hill

Dissertation Title: Public Opinion of Gene-Editing in Agriculture: A Mixed Method Study of Online Media and Metaphors

Chair: Courtney Meyers

Committee: Nan Li, David Doerfert, Venugopal Mendu

Texas Tech University

Outstanding Runner-Up Dissertation

Author name: Moses Mike 

Dissertation Title: Disaster management, communication strategies, and challenges to resilience during tropical storm Karen: The story of Trinidad Extension

Chair: Ricky Telg

Committee: Amy Harder, Jamie Loizzo, Angie Lindsey, Shelli Rampold

University of Florida

Outstanding Thesis

Author name: Cara Elizabeth Jolly 

Thesis Title: Untapped potential: The role Oklahoma craft breweries play in communities

Chair: Quisto Settle

Committee: Dwayne Cartmell & Ruth Inman

Oklahoma State University

Outstanding Thesis Runner Up

Author name: Katelin Spradley

Thesis Title: A case study of the COVID-19 experience of communication directors for Texas agricultural organizations

Chair: Lindsay Kennedy & Courtney Meyers

Committee: Erica Irlbeck

Texas Tech University

Outstanding Proposal

Author name: Audrey King

Proposal name: Exploring the co-creation of land-grant brand identify amongst faculty members at Oklahoma State University

Chair: Quisto Settle

Committee: Dwayne Cartmell, Jeff Sallee, Asya Cooley

Oklahoma State University

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