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ACE Retiree Update

August 2014

Welcome to a new year of ACE.  This quarterly newsletter is provided to help keep you abreast of ACE matters and ACE retirees.  I appreciate your comments and suggestions at bob.furbee@gmail.com and I look forward to working with and for you these next two years as your Retiree Director. --Bob Furbee

Newsletter Content

… Thanks to Marci Hilt

… Congratulations, Janet Rodekohr

… Briefs from ACE Board Meeting

… ACE Meeting Retiree Report – Ken Kingsley

… Dates and Locations for 2015 and 2016 ACE Meetings

… Welcome Kevin and Tom

… Life Member Feature – Maxine Ferris

… ACE Directory Registration

Thanks to Marci Hilt

The Life Members owe a great deal of gratitude to Marci Hilt, past Retiree Director.  Marci was a consistent, positive voice on the Board for the retiree group and left a legacy that will benefit retirees for years to come.  She was the guiding force behind the move to substantially increase financial assistance for the Retiree Director.  Airfare and lodging costs for both the annual conference and for the fall board meeting will be covered by the organization, beginning this year, as a result of Marci’s initiative.  This new funding is added to complementary registration at the annual meeting that was already in place.  In addition, the retiree director-elect will continue to be compensated $600 annually toward travel costs plus free registration at the annual conference.  The fine work of previous directors helped Marci make her case as current Board members spoke to the value of having the retiree voice on the Board.  So, thank you Marci and the ACE Board for this financial assistance.  I know I appreciate it as will those who follow in this position. 

Congratulations, Janet

Janet Rodekohr was presented the ACE Retiree Award of Excellence at this year’s meeting in Portland.  She is the third recipient of this award.  Janet has served the organization over the past 40-plus years as an active member and retiree.  She is one who never says no when called upon by the organization.  She willingly shares her skills, foresight and knowledge.  Janet served as ACE president in 1997-98.  She has received ACE Professional Skill Award, ACE Service Award, plus many other awards, particularly in the areas of marketing and writing. Janet continues to serve the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences as a special projects coordinator for the dean.  Since retiring, Janet has served as a member of the ACE Centennial Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Conference Planning Committee (Chair), and ACE Development Fund Board of Trustees and Board of Directors.  Again, thank you Janet, for your service and leadership over the past four decades.      

The award of excellence recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, service and involvement with ACE retirees or within the larger organization.  If you would like to nominate someone for this award, complete the form located on the ACE website and submit your nomination to Bob Furbee ( bob.furbee@gmail.com) no later than February 15, 2015.  Bill Tedrick and Bob Kern were the first two award recipients). 

Notes from ACE Board Meeting

Here is a brief rundown (and by no means complete) of ACE Board agenda items:

… Enhancing Professional Development Opportunities

… Growing the Membership

….Overseeing Plans for 2015 and 2016 Annual Conferences

… Tackling a Strategic Planning Process

… Updating the ACE Handbook

… Organizing ACE Archives

… Improving ACE Web Presence

If you have an interest in or a particular talent that you feel you could volunteer to serve the organization, perhaps toward one of the items listed above, or elsewhere, please contact Bob Furbee ( bob.furbee@gmail.com) for more information.

2014 Conference Retiree Report

Retirees were noticeably absent at the annual meeting in Portland. Four showed up for the reception in their honor on the first day of the conference, and three of them live in Oregon (Evie Engel, Lynn Ketchum, and Ken Kingsley) and the other lives in California (Bob Sams). Non-retirees showed up in greater numbers to spend time reminiscing with the retirees who were there, and they were rewarded with some quality Oregon wines and munchies. A common comment at the reception related to why there were so few retirees participating in ACE events. Responses centered on the cost of participation. Several retirees who were not in attendance said in emails that the cost of getting to and staying in Portland dissuaded them from attending. It's likely that annual meetings nearer populations centers in the mid-west and south would allow for greater retiree participation.

Now, from my personal observation at ACE 2014, retirees should take heart that the organization is in the hands of some dedicated, creative, professionals who are working hard to make the organization meet the rapidly-changing needs of it's members. And that's a real challenge when you look at the demands being placed on our professional communicators/educators to do more with less, and to adopt the latest technologies to get it done. I was impressed with the caliber of our new, young members who bring a wide-eyed enthusiasm to the job. Now, if the organizations employing them can just provide the resources to keep them motivated, the future is looking brighter.    --Ken Kingsley

ACE Heads South for a Couple of Years

Mark your calendars for the 2015 and 2016 ACE annual meetings:

2015 – Charleston, SC, June 8-11

2016 – Memphis, TN, June 12-17

Welcome Kevin and Tom

A welcome goes out to two new life members, Kevin Gamble, Michigan State and Oregon, and Tom Nordlie, Florida.  We hope you stay involved as active ACE retirees. 

Life Member Feature -- Maxine Ferris

Maxine Ferris retired as Director of Outreach Communications at Michigan State University in 1996.  Since that time she has focused most of her activities on the outreach activities of several women’s organizations that raise money for scholarships and programs that aid women and children:  Zonta Club of East Lansing Area, MSU Community Club, PEO Chapter BB and the Women of Peoples Church.

She and Jake continue to assist the Montessori School in Okemos, Michigan that they and six other couples started in 1968; the school’s most famous alum is Larry Page, Google CEO.

In her spare time she has written five books:  THIRTY YEARS AND COUNTING:  A History of the Okemos Montessori Radmoor School; THE MAN FROM MILTON: A Biography of Albert Elwood Ferris of Milton, Indiana (father-in-law and senator in Indiana Legislature); OUR CLUB: 1923 . . .: the History of the Michigan State University Community Club (written when the club changed its name); A CENTURY OF ECUMENICAL WORSHIP, EDUCATION AND SERVICE: The History of the Peoples Church of East Lansing, Michigan 1907-2007 (written as co-chair of the anniversary celebration); THREE WOMEN: An Analysis and Discussion of the Diaries of Edith Alice Fisher, Minnie Anola Schnitzer and Elma Adelia Ferris (70 years of diaries kept by aunt, mother and mother-in-law).

Active Spartan sports fans, Jake and Maxine have had season football and basketball tickets for years and have attended three Rose Bowl games and all of the Final Four appearances of the MSU men’s basketball team since the national championship with Magic Johnson.   Making use of six time share units in England and the US have facilitated their holiday travels.

They have two sons:   Bill is a sometime actor and President of decorinteriorsus.com, an on-line household furnishing business; John is the point man for the GM Chevy Volt and husband of Kathleen, President of Kennedy Ferris Communications, and father of Jack (5) and Lola (3).

Be Sure to Register

The new ACE Directory is available on the new internal members-only website.  To be included, you must sign up.  You will be able to use the directory to find addresses (including email), phone numbers, and even photos of your ACE colleagues.  On this portion of the website you will also find minutes of board meetings, listservs, and the ACE calendar.   

To sign up, go to:    Click on Join and choose the appropriate option.  You’ll be prompted to sign on with your email address.  Complete your profile information.  Your confirmation email will include a password, which you can change later. 

To date, we have 33 retirees in the directory. If you have problems registering, please contact me at bob.furbee@gmail.com


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