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Publishing-Graphics Spring 2015 report

Mission statement: To develop and recognize professional skills and facilitate networking and information sharing among ACE members who work in the editorial aspects or graphic design of print/electronic publications.

Officers (current year):

Chair: Ana Henke, New Mexico State University Vice Chair: Jennifer Alexander, Oregon State University Vice Chair-elect: Melea Licht, Iowa State University

Officers (next year):

Chair: Jennifer Alexander, Oregon State University Vice Chair: Melea Licht, Iowa State University Vice Chair-elect:  Bruce Dupree, Auburn University

Did the SIG present an Award of Excellence this year? Please comment on the nomination and selection process itself.

This year’s Award of Excellence winner for the Publishing and Graphic Design
SIG is Bruce Dupree, Manager, Creative Services, Auburn University. Glenda Freeman, Editor, Creative Services, Alabama Extension, nominated him. His nomination was evaluated by the three SIG leaders and he was chosen as our
award winner for this year.

What were your goals for the year? Our goals were to consistently communicate with our SIG members and to include them in decisions affecting the SIG as much as possible. We wanted to offer an opportunity for continuing education and provide members with resource recommendations they could use.

What successes did you have in reaching those goals?

We communicated with our members through an e-newsletter that went out about once a month about ACE activities, professional development opportunities and resource recommendations. We hosted two Google Hangouts: Print-on-demand, eBooks and the future of print and Go-to Resources for Timely Tips and Tricks. We supported ACE by finding judges for C&A and by reviewing/ranking proposals submitted as sessions for the upcoming conference. We planned for our ACE Conference session and for a dinner out for the SIG.

What barriers kept you from achieving the goals? With the help of all the officers, I think we accomplished our goals for the year.

What would you have done differently? Nothing.

What professional development has been carried out?

We held two Google Hangouts this year. The first session was titled Print-on-demand, eBooks and the future of print. We had over 20 members participate and it was very well received. We received positive emails from participants afterward saying they enjoyed the session. We also held a hangout titled: Go-to Resources for Timely Tips and Tricks. This session had a smaller turn out, but good resources were shared and we had a good conversation with members. We also produced a good collection of resource recommendations that we shared with members via our e-newsletter and on Facebook and they are also archived on our SIG webpage.

How did you communicate with members?

We communicated with our members via our e-newsletter and our Facebook group page. The engagement on our Facebook page has increased this year, due to increased and consistent sharing of content from SIG leadership. Members are slowly starting to contribute content as well.

How did officers divide responsibilities?

The chair’s key assignment is reporting, communication (currently through an e-newsletter and SIG’s Facebook group page,) as well as assisting with the coordination of professional development sessions and general oversight. The key assignment for the vice chair is to line up judges for C&A. The vice-chair elect listens and learns the first year, and contributes as
he/she can. All officers vote on the SIG Award of Excellence winners, help analyze proposals and decide which sessions will be offered at the ACE Conference, help update the ACE website, and work on items assigned by ACE.

What can the Board do to help SIG leaders in their responsibilities and to make SIGs more effective? Provide practical, detailed instructions/guidelines for hosting/scheduling SIG webinars or Google Hangouts. Develop a way to notify the SIG chair when new or existing members join the SIG so we can personally welcome them. Notify SIG chair when Award of Excellence winner has been contacted so that we can recognize their achievement in our newsletter. Post the SIG leader handbook on the ACE website. When C&A judge information is submitted, please try to limit the number of reviews for accuracy requested.

What other concerns or thoughts would you like to share with the Board? Member participation has been limited throughout the year—likely due to everyone’s limited availability.Learning from each other necessitates everyone participating or contributing a little of their time. Hopefully, with consistent engagement this will change in the future.

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