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Publishing-Graphics SIG Fall Report 2013

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1. Mission statement:

To develop and recognize professional skills and facilitate networking and information sharing among ACE members who work in the editorial aspects of or graphic design of print or electronic publications.

2. Officers (current year):

Chair: Becky Goetz, Purdue University Vice Chair: Ana Henke, New Mexico State University Vice Chair-elect: Jennifer Alexander, Oregon State University

3. Summary of SIG business meeting at annual conference:

Approximately 20 people attended. We handed out ACE C&A Bronze and Silver awards, and members shared information about their winning entries. We then talked about professional development possibilities for the coming year.

4. How are leadership responsibilities divided up among the officers:

Chair: The chair's key assignment is reporting, communication (through an e-newsletter), and general oversight. Vice Chair: The key assignment for the vice chair is to line up judges for C&A. Vice Chair-elect: The vice-chair elect listens and learns the first year, and contributes as he/she can.

5. What is your SIG's professional development plan for the year?

We have polled our SIG membership, asking for topics they'd like to see us cover through SIG professional development. So far we have had only a couple of responses. If enough people are interested in a topic, we'll find a way to make it happen.

We are already looking into the possibility of a joint webinar with the Electronic Media and Photography SIG. Once we've figured out more of the details, we'll post the ideas on our Facebook page to get feedback before we make a final decision on what might go into that session.

6. How are SIG leaders communicating with members, and on what schedule?

We have sent one e-newsletter so far in August. Another one will be sent in September. The e-newsletters will go out every month or two. We also have a Publishing group on Facebook and post some things there.

7. What is the status of the SIG Website?

We have checked it to make sure the officer information is up-to-date, but have made no changes.

8. What are the SIG's concerns relative to the C&A program?

None to report, currently.

9. What steps will you take to solicit nominations for the Award of Excellence? How will the SIG select its Award of Excellence winner?

We will call for entries through our e-newsletter and our Facebook page. If we get no nominations that way, we will use our listserve to send an additional call.

10. What steps are you taking to encourage members to submit articles and reviews to the Journal of Applied Communications?

We will use our e-newsletter to encourage members to submit.

11. What other issues or concerns would you like to bring to the Board? What action would you like to request?

We have no additional issues to bring to the Board at this time.

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