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EMP SIG Spring Report 2014

Electronic Media/Photo Special Interest Group

Spring 2014

Mission statement:

To expand professional development and communications opportunities to our SIG and continue year-round dialogue.

Officers (current year):

  • Chair: David Keto
  • Vice Chair: Arlene Robertson
  • Vice Chair-elect:  Jeff Hino

Officers (next year):

  • Chair: Arlene Robertson
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Hino
  • Vice Chair-elect:  ? (will be decided at our SIG meeting in Portland)

Did the SIG present an Award of Excellence this year? no Please comment on the nomination and selection process itself.

What were your goals for the year?

      Try to better communicate throughout the year with SIG members. Be responsive to professional development needs. Keep dialogue going on the SIG facebook page.

  • What successes did you have in reaching those goals?  The biggest success was keeping members informed and engaged on the facebook page and in hosting a joint webinar with Publishing & Graphic Design. Other communication was sporadic/inconsistent. SIG members did not voice particular concerns or pro-dev needs over the course of the year.
  • What barriers kept you from achieving the goals? The biggest barrier to achieving the goals was the lack of time invested by the SIG chair to actively engage SIG members. The other barrier was a lack of defined roles for SIG leadership.
  • What would you have done differently? Having more defined roles for SIG leadership where all three leaders have specific action items, projects, or tasks would be useful and would help ensure that engagement with SIG members is sustained year round and responsibility is shared across all SIG officers.

What professional development has been carried out? The biggest professional development project for the year was a joint webinar on photography and design basics with the Publishing & Graphic Design SIG. Secondary professional development was to keep people aware of current trends and developments in our field via our SIG facebook page.

How did you communicate with members? Primarily facebook page, occasionally email.

How did officers divide responsibilities? We don’t currently have a clear definition of responsibilities in our SIG. Basically the chair is the point person for all tasks and the other officers perform tasks as assigned by the chair.

Did you use the funds provided by the ACE Board? If so, please describe how the money was used and how it benefited all SIG members.

What can the Board do to help SIG leaders in their responsibilities and to make SIGs more effective? Having a chance to interact with leadership of other SIGs beyond the monthly conference call in some more informal/conversational setting where SIGs could build collaborative pro-dev opportunities and have a chance to learn from more effective SIGs what works and what doesn’t would be helpful. Maybe a SIG leaders reception at the annual conference? Somehow allowing less active SIGs to learn from more active SIGs would be good.

What other concerns or thoughts would you like to share with the Board? Sorry for not investing the time to make this position all it could have been.

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