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EMP SIG Fall Report 2014

Electronic Media and Photography
Special Interest Group

Fall 2014 

Mission statement: To continue year-round dialogue pertaining to electronic media and photography and how they can be better used to communicate the findings of our institutions to the public we serve, while expanding the professional development and communication opportunities of our members.


  • Chair: Arlene Robertson
    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Vice Chair: Jeff Hino
    Oregon State University
  • Vice Chair-elect: Dave Deken
    Oklahoma State University

Summary of SIG business meeting at annual conference:

  • Number of members attending: 35
  • Topics of discussion, decisions, plans, etc.:
    Presentation of C&A Awards
    - Election of VP Elect
    - Professional Development ideas such as micro learning moments, joint
      presentation with Publishing SIG
    - Pre and post conference ideas for South Carolina

How are leadership responsibilities divided among the officers?
Chair- provides coordination of activities, communications with membership, professional development

Vice Chair - coordination of C&A Awards, professional development, EMP SIG website maintenance

Vice Chari Elect – assists with C&A and professional development, EMP Facebook page maintenance

What is your SIG’s professional development plan for the year?

  • A joint session with the Pub Sig on Editors and Photographers Can Be Friends  (March)
  • 2-4 informal, topic specific, sessions using Google Hangouts (November, December, January, May). 
  • Grow the audience on the EMP SIG Facebook page

How are SIG leaders communicating with members, and on what schedule?

  • Monthly EMP SIG newsletter
  • Facebook page (daily)

What is the status of the SIG Website?

Webpage is current and kept updated by the Vice Chair.

What are the SIG’s concerns relative to the C&A program?

With the change to digital media, there are fewer professional photographers working in the agr/extension field that we can draw from to use as judges.  This makes keeping the judging fresh a challenge.  Digital media today had made “everyone” a photographer and we’d like to draw on that aspect and have SIG members select the best of the best.  In a peer judging format, everyone judges, including the entrants.  The number of judges prevents one (entrant) from being able to skew the results.  The contest is online and only one rating per image per member.  The site is accessed via login so only active members are able to vote. 

What steps will you take to solicit nominations for the Award of Excellence? How will the SIG select its Award of Excellence winner?

The Chair solicits nominations from the SIG membership (monthly email, topic specific email). 

Chair, VC and VCE select the finalist.

What steps are you taking to encourage members to submit articles and reviews to the Journal of Applied Communications?

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Facebook page

What other issues or concerns would you like to bring to the Board? What action would you like to request?

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