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Board Minutes

July 23, 2012 

Conference Call

Call to order/roll call (Faith Peppers) 1 PM EDT

In attendance: Faith Peppers, Elaine Edwards, Becky Koch, Joanne Littlefield, Tracey Nelson, Marci Hilt, Jason Ellis, Jennifer Alexander, Tracy Irani, Rhonda Conlon, Julie Douglas, Holly Young

Absent: Emily Eubanks, Kevin Smith


Review and approval of summer board meeting minutes

Page 2, 4th paragraph: treasurer is misspelled Page 4, website discussion, fees: request to also list fees for JAC FastTrack and JAC website in this section


Becky moved to approve as corrected, with a second from Jason, and the minutes were approved as corrected.


Update (Holly)

An online membership directory is in the works; it will be searchable and tie into our membership renewal process. George Chronis has been given the go-ahead, and Holly, Tracey, and Becky will have a phone conference with George to continue working on this project. The goal is to have it ready prior to the fall board meeting. It should be ready to test by the end of August. Holly will send it to the board for preliminary testing.   

All C&A judges have been paid, and all remaining award plaques have been mailed. We had 226 entries. Holly and Faith compiled recommendations for the 2013 C&A process and forwarded those to Becky and Julie to discuss with the SIG leaders.


2012 C&A report (Faith)

Faith thought the process was much improved this year. FastTrack definitely makes it easier. There are still a few bugs to work out and ways to improve it for next year. At the fall board meeting, Holly will provide a cost analysis for C&A. Becky asked if the C&A section of the budget should show the expense for the awards booklet. Holly and Elaine will adjust our budget to reflect that, and this will also be clear in the C&A cost analysis.


Plans for 2013 C&A (Becky/Julie/Holly)

Becky said Holly and Faith provided good suggestions, which were particularly focused on the mechanics. Those suggestions should be implemented, and Becky also agreed there needed to be clarification regarding how entries are named. Becky also has some questions (e.g., combining or eliminating classes and simplifying scoring for consistency). She also indicated that SIG leaders should look at changing the judges more frequently.

Financial report (Elaine/Holly)

Our VanGuard investments and Wells Fargo accounts total $167,490. The budget versus actual monies spent show ACE in the red, but all agreed that because past financial reports weren’t as detailed as current reports and because it was difficult to accurately estimate expenses for 2012, the 2013 proposed budget should more accurately reflect actual income and expenses. 

Holly also explained the C&A category in the budget. Some items for C&A are listed incorrectly under general expenses, and this will be corrected in the 2013 budget. 

Marci asked why conference income and expenses aren’t on the budget. The ACE budget reflects operating expenses and our checking account. The ACE conference budget is separate and conference income and expenses are reflected in our money market account. Elaine said she and Holly can prepare a separate budget to show conference income and expenses.


Jennifer reminded the board that, as discussed at the summer board meeting, the 2013 budget categories and line items will be labeled accurately (e.g., board-related expenses will be labeled as such instead of labeled as “conference expenses”). 

Elaine and Holly discussed the need to have an accountant closer to either the executive director or treasurer. Holly will thank Karen Cholewinski from Oregon for serving as our accountant, and let her know Holly will use an accountant from University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.


SIG report (Julie)

Julie emailed SIG leaders to verify contact information and current SIG leadership. She got a very enthusiastic response. A lot of the positions are filled, but some are not. The Marketing and Diversity SIGs need vice chair and vice chair-elect. There is some confusion about leadership in the Social Media SIG. That SIG met at the conference, with an excellent turnout, and elected new leadership. When Julie then sent that information, one member who had been vice chair responded, indicating he was the new chair. Elaine was at that SIG meeting and took some notes, and Julie will go back to the SIG to determine the exact leadership. Faith recommended that the person who was to be chair should be invited to continue, and everyone else could be asked to postpone their leadership for a year.

Distance Ed and Instructional Design SIG – The SIG leaders suggestion wasn’t to eliminate the SIG, but perhaps rename it to Instructional Design and Distance Ed. We also don’t have any leadership for Electronic Media and Photography. The Publishing SIG has already met. The new membership directory will provide a way for members to select which SIGs they wish to belong to.

Holly has been updating SIG listservs and sending them to SIG leaders upon request. Becky noted that we should do this for all SIGs. Holly will send Julie updated listservs for all SIGs.

Julie continues to host monthly SIG leader phone conferences. The next scheduled conference is August 14.


Website update - Becky

At the summer board meeting, we formed an ad hoc website committee (Suzanne Steel, chair; Becky Koch; Rhonda Conlon; Bob Bertsch; Jay Van Voast; Holly Young). The purpose was to develop a list of requirements for our website and work with George Chronis to implement them. Becky reported on the committee’s goals and progress.

Becky attempted to send the committee’s report to the board, but no one received it. She will resend.

We’ve had some online trainings, but we don’t have any written instructions for posting content, posting photos and captions, using correct styles, etc. Becky is starting to jot these items down as the basis for a written guide. Holly will provide info on posting to Latest News.

Becky requests that the board help update webpages, particularly committee lists. She added the centennial committee to the website, and will replace the old web committee with the new one. She asked the board to review the state representatives list, but wondered what the process is, and who’s going to be the official contact with state reps. Answer: the membership director.

Top priorities for the web include posting the by-laws, posting the listing of past presidents with photos from the old website, and adding a news feed. Becky was asked to put the calendar of deadlines into a Google doc so we could all work on it. She also asked the board to skim through the website and ways to improve it.


JAC report – new contract agreement (Jason)

There were three JAC issues published in 2011 and one so far in 2012. Articles for the second regular issue are currently being reviewed. Twenty-five papers were submitted in 2011. Dwayne Cartmell is now testing the FastTrack system to use for article submission for JAC. The JAC Board reviewed and approved the categories for submission and they also are trying to encourage additional submissions in other areas to enhance the commentaries, reviews and professional development articles this coming year.

The JAC editorial board recommends to the ACE board that Dwayne’s contract be extended for another three years, January 2013 to December 31, 2015. The ACE board decided not to take action on this until we receive an official request from the JAC editorial board chair.

Ricky Telg has been serving as chair of the editorial board, and he has agreed to accept another three-year term. The JAC board also implemented a chair-elect position, and that will be going into effect this year.

Jason explained how he and Tracy (as ACE research director and director-elect) will work with the JAC board.

The ACE board received a request to renew the contract for the JAC graduate student, but there was some confusion about the original contract and salary. Elaine thought we’d only approved a one-year contract for the graduate student. Becky also wanted more information about what the graduate assistant has been doing and what they will be doing in the future (e.g., maybe scanning past issues). Approval of the graduate assistant contract was tabled, and Holly will investigate and report back to the board via email.

RFP conference planner update (Holly/Faith)

The K-State Division of Continuing Education will serve as our conference planner for three more years, starting in 2014. All applicants have been notified. Elaine thanked the subcommittee (Faith, Holly, Robert and Jennifer) for their work on the RFP and selection process. Faith also indicated we learned a lot in the process.


2012 conference update (Debbie Hagenmaier, K-State)

The conference made money. We took in $93,267 in registration and optional event fees and sponsorship from eXtension. The bottom line is that we’re approximately $6,400 in the black. We were able to attain that for a few reasons; we met our room block commitment.

The hotel also provided a savings of $1,250 plus tax and service charge for not being able to use the ladies’ restroom the last morning. We budgeted close so we could charge an appropriate registration fee. When asked about government rates, Debbie noted that group rates don’t allow for government rates.

What is the $10,000 to Loews for AV rental? We used the hotel’s projector in the main section because it was more powerful, plus there are costs for screens and microphones. These expenses are something we negotiated. We were able to get Internet into sleeping and meeting spaces for $1,000, which was a pretty good deal.

The hotel mentioned to Debbie that they would like feedback from folks; they knew the construction was a major inconvenience. Most of the accounting has been done. In another month or so, K-State will ensure all credit cards have been assessed, and then they will need direction on how to handle the proceeds (e.g., give to ACE or put into next year’s conference account).


2013 conference planning (Faith)

The contract with Marriott has been signed, and there should be more to report at the fall board meeting.      


2014 conference update (Becky)

An email sent July 12 to all ACE members asked where members would like to go for the 2014 and 2015 conferences. Most of the suggestions did indicate we hadn’t been west in a while. The cities themselves were very broad; Portland seemed to get a lot of votes. Debbie Hagenmaier suggested booking even farther ahead and possibly sending 2014 and 2015 bids at the same time. Joanne, Holly, Becky, and Debbie will have a conference call on how to approach that effort and who to get bids from. Evaluations from Annapolis indicate that hotel room costs are a concern.


Fall Board Meeting Details (Faith)

Faith has the contract but needs to review it with the hotel. As soon as that is done, she can provide the board with all details (e.g., group codes, transportation tips, etc.) so they can plan travel.

The officers need to arrive on Saturday, October 6. The rest of the board should plan to be in Atlanta by mid-afternoon Sunday, October 7 with no plans to fly out before 2 to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9. Room rate is set at $99/night at the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, Georgia.


New business

Jennifer asked if there were still plans to send a “committee interest” message to the membership. This was originally going to be part of the same message that asked about SIG membership, but that is now being handled through the membership directory. Elaine said committee interest could also be handled through the membership directory.

Jennifer and Kevin (marketing director and director-elect) have been talking about the need to have regular communication from ACE to the members. Faith got a good start on that with her conference wrap-up message in June. Jennifer and Kevin want to put out the idea of developing an editorial calendar for ACE—not necessarily bringing back a Signals, but just saying yes, we’re going to do a regular communication we post on the website or send out at least quarterly (and, of course, continue sending other messages as needed). If the board is happy with that, she and Kevin will move forward. Becky thought that sounded great, Elaine agreed, and it’s a go.

Faith formed a nominating committee consisting of Elaine (chair) and past presidents Frankie Gould and Dave King.


The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm EST.

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