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Board Minutes

July 21, 2011

ACE Board Conference – July 21, 2011

In attendance: Tom Knecht, Faith Peppers, Jennifer Alexander, Elaine Edwards, Tracey Nelson, Jason Ellis, Emily Eubanks, Julie Douglas, Holly Young, Marci Hilt, Becky Koch, Robert Casler, Edwin Remsberg, Suzanne Steel

Absent: Steve Dodrill, Allison Eckhardt, Emily Eckhardt Eubanks, Brad Beckman, Douglas Edlund, Sandi S Alswager Karstens

George Chronis joined us at 12:07 ET

Call to order: 11:09 am

Just prior to the beginning of the meeting, Elaine shared with the board that she had been going through ACE archives and discovered a list called the "Society of Older Brethren," retired ACE members and their recollections, published in a book, April 1983.

There were no amendments to the agenda.

Summer board meeting minutes were approved with several minor changes. Faith made the motion to approve, with a second from Jason Ellis, and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Summer business meeting minutes were unanimously approved with no changes, with a motion by Becky Koch moved, and a second from Jennifer Alexander.

Holly provided the board with an update on insurance policies, (in place are both the Directors and Officers policy and a General Liability policy.) She shared with the board that she's been answering emails from both the new email address going directly to her and the email address that had been handled by Third Eye. It appears that emails at the later address hadn't been answered since mid-April.

Tom suggested that it might be helpful to put out to the membership what's happening , that at least membership will be hearing from us and we're getting caught up. Robert urged caution about wording, since the officers had already received an email from Third Eye warning us about any negative comments.

Becky asked Elaine, as president, if she planned on doing a regular email to membership or as needed? Elaine – we had talked about having a list of items to communicate with members and agreed that it's critical, noting that we really need to seek input from our members, particularly regarding the new Strategic Plan.

C&A report – Elaine: This year's entries are almost wrapped up – still have two being judged, but they're almost done. She has mailed all the awards that weren't picked up in Denver, she's made certificates for those who won awards and didn't have them, or where corrections were needed. Judges' payments also were finalized. She will share the judging list with Faith, so she'll have a list of this year's judges to start with for next year. She has received some good feedback from members, so that's been good.

Faith – 2012 C&A: She has talked with Suzanne about sending an email out to SIGs to see if they have any changes to their categories and if they need to make changes with their judges, so the board will have that information before the fall board meeting. Faith said she and Suzanne will move forward with that email, to be sent by Suzanne.

One thing we need to look at, Elaine said, was at categories since some of the SIGs have merged.

Jennifer asked Elaine to send out the Calendar of Deadlines again. Holly will send reminders of tasks for the coming months at the first of each month, and then halfway through each month. Information is available in the SIG leader handbook on upcoming deadlines for C&A changes, etc.

Finances – Holly and Robert: Holly shared with the board how she's been setting up ACE information with Wachovia, our bank, and in QuickBooks and Bill.com (associated with QuickBooks and a way to automatically pay bills.) She also discussed the need to set up a way to take in credit cards, and shared Wachovia's proposal with the board. Wachovia can set up a virtual terminal with a $199 set-up fee, and then charges $35 a month, with a 10 cent per charge per transaction and a rate of 1.7 percent. While PayPal has no set-up fee, several colleges won't accept it as a form of transaction, and the cost is 2.9 percent, plus 30 cents per transaction.

Becky noted that even though there's an upfront setup fee, she felt more comfortable going with Wachovia. Tracey said the rate of 1.7 percent is really good, at Maine they're paying 1.85 percent, and a $35 a month maintenance is really good. Holly will investigate how many credit cards Wachovia will take as Marci noted many use American Express. Becky made the motion to work with Wachovia , with a second from Jason, and it was unanimously approved.

Holly and Robert reviewed the proposed 2012 budget versus the actual budget for the current year. The retirees' reimbursement needs to be upped from $300 to $600 for both Tom and Marci, and Tom also noted that for retiree directors, there's also a waiver of conference fees. Retiree directors pay the conference fee and are then reimbursed after the conference.

Holly and Robert shared that there needed to be some tweaking to the proposed budget, which is a work in progress, and some further changes will be made before the next board conference call on Sept. 1.

Faith asked Edwin if he could you look into the possibility of printing the C&A booklet at the University of Maryland. Edwin said the college doesn't do any on-site printing anymore but he agreed to look into the cost with the vendors they use and provide Holly with some numbers.

Holly shared that what the board was looking at was an operating budget. The board used to have a CAP account (brokerage account) and those monies were transferred into the money market account. The money market account is actually the workshop/meetings budget, separate from the operating budget. While she said the board didn't need to make the decision during this conference call, it was suggested that a portion of the money now in the money market account be moved to the operating budget, capping the money market account at $20,000. It will be an agenda item for the board during its next conference call.

Tom applauded the efforts to differentiate between operating and workshop/conference budget. In the proposed budget, the line item for dues generation was listed at $35,000, while it appeared over $49,000 was taken in this past year. Holly and Robert shared that they had placed the lower amount in as they were being cautious about actual figures.

Website Report: George Chronis joined the conference, and told the board he'd initiated the process to unlock and move forward with the transfer of the site from HostGator to GoDaddy. The transfer process takes about 3-5 days. Even when the domain name is transferred, he'll keep it pointed to HostGator until we figure out how we're going to proceed. He has a complete copy of site with us. All content will be transferred to the new site, so we'll have the fresh site online. Training will be needed on Joomla to get us acquainted on how to transfer and update items to the site. It's much easier than it used to be. He will have 1-2 team members to help with content transfer. He told the officers they could access both sides, and that his company was up-to-date with all requests.

Holly will work with Suzanne to set up a training in the near future and Elaine noted that all those who would update items on the website should be on the conference call. George indicated there wasn't a limit to how many could participate. Robert asked if all board members had seen the new draft of the site. Jennifer hadn't, and the new url was provided, it's ace.cybersense.us. Robert talked about parceling out different sections of the site to board members, and others, to update, and getting the training done. Tom also asked to keep retirees in the loop with training as they'll be operating much like a SIG as we post content.

Suzanne – SIG report: Julie and she held the SIG training at the conference, and about half the SIGs were represented. Julie and she were able to attend all but 2 of the SIG business meetings, because some were held at same time. All are back on track with leadership, most have 3, some 2 in place. They are starting regular monthly meetings in August, which hopefully will coincide with our electronic training. The big news was the formation of a Social Media SIG, which has already chosen three leaders. There is a site for them in the eXtension site on the people side, and once we do the training, we'll be more engaged with them. Suzanne wants to do a piece to the membership about the new SIG and it should be ready this coming week.

JAC – Becky: JAC is back on track. Dwayne got up the rest of 2008, 2009 and 2010 issues up. The JAC group is feeling really good about how things have progressed and they talked about still having two issues a year, plus the research submission, which would be separate. Ricky Telg has already gotten two offers since June of people willing to review, so getting JAC out in front of people is already paying off.

Conference Update – Debbie Hagenmaier joined the conference call to update the board on the 2011 conference. The evaluation report has been completed and sent out, and the overall marks were very high for the conference. Financially, she said ACE should be fine, that we won't make a lot of money but it's somewhere between $1,000-2,000. The financial report will be sent out next week to Robert and Holly. All bills have been paid. Holly will send evaluation out to board.

The contract for the 2012 conference has been signed for Loew's Annapolis. Loew's requested a rather large deposit, more than $20,000. The dates are June 11-14.

Fall board meeting – the rooms are reserved at the Alumni Center at K-State. The board will be staying at the Holiday Inn – rate $99.95 and the block of rooms should be available by the first of next week for reservations. Officers arrive Oct. 2, rest of the board by the night of Oct. 3.

Strategic Plan feedback – Elaine has only received two responses with wonderful feedback from them both. We need to encourage our members to take another look at the SP.

Since Elaine already has a Connect site set up for ACE, it was determined that the board would offer a review over Connect Aug. 25 at 11 am CT. Members would have the document ahead of the time, and during the conference, there would be a short presentation and then discussion. Elaine will work on setting up the Connect room for that date and determine how to handle the audio and other details. Jeff will bring together entire strategic team if possible.

RFP Task Force for conference planner – Elaine shared that ACE currently has a contract with Kansas State through 2013, and the board should look at either work on extending that or issuing a new RFP. Jason wondered if there was anything we'd want to revise in our agreement with them? Elaine has 2013 addendum, Robert has the contract. Faith was concerned that it may be dangerous not to offer an RFP, and Becky agreed. A committee was formed with Faith, Jennifer and Holly, to put together an RFP proposal for the board.

New Business: Committee assignments will be reviewed in September. Allison Eckhardt has resigned from the board, but will remain an ACE member, so Elaine noted that the board will need to determine how to replace her. Holly will pop Marci a note asking for suggestions. There were two requests for funding, one from Nebraska for $100 and one from North Dakota for $250. Jason doesn't believe we need to pay the full amount, but at the same time, we should pay something as we do want to encourage ACE visibility. Jason suggested a portion, $50 for plaque, $200 for North Dakota and made a motion to provide that funding, with a second from Robert. Motion: Becky abstained from voting and the $200/$50 was approved by the board.

Call to adjourn: Jason motion, seconded by Faith, and the meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm ET.

Respectfully submitted, Holly Young

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