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Board Minutes

Dec. 8, 2011

December 8, 2011 ACE Board of Directors Conference Call

Present: Elaine Edwards, Robert Casler, Becky Koch, Faith Peppers, Tom Knecht, Jennifer Alexander, Tracey Nelson, Marci Hilt, Jason Ellis, Suzanne Steel, Edwin Remsburg, and Holly Young, interim executive director
Absent: Emily Eubanks, Steve Dodrill, Julie Douglas

The meeting was called to order by ACE President Elaine Edwards at 10 am CT.

Elaine asked for any additional agenda items, and Faith asked that the 2013 meeting and Centennial celebration be placed on it. The board reviewed the minutes from the Fall Board meeting, held in Manhattan, KS, and provided Holly with several minor corrections, which she will make before posting the minutes to the ACE website. Those corrections include the following: missing Indiana on list of original 6 states, fix typos on Page 7, Page 8, top of page, add attachment. Fix spelling of Debbie Hagenmaier. Page 9 – list of names with new director positions – fix first and last names. Page 10, towards top, sentence, development director five year term – fix to reflect that. Spell out Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists (SASS), spell out Strategic Plan (SP). Retirees’ directors – should be singular. Add in: Discussed communicating the interests of retirees.

Becky suggested that board members review the minutes when Holly sends them out, prior to the next phone conference, sending her in track changes anything that needs corrections. The board agreed, which will make it easier, and more efficient, to approve the minutes when they come before the board.
Becky made a motion to approve the Fall Board meeting minutes with above changes, seconded by Jason – it was unanimously approved.

Interim Executive Director’s report from Holly: Updated the board on the progress with the ACE website. It was suggested we add emails to the list of board members, but Tom voiced a concern about them getting spammed. Holly will check with George Chronis from CyberSense to determine the best
way to list them. It may be that they are added as a “mail to:” function of each board member’s name.

In a discussion of the new forums on the SIG web page, Jennifer suggested after next week’s SIG chair meeting, that each chair post to the forum to show how it works. Marci asked if she could get a list of retirees from the DC area. Holly will research.

Continuing with a review of the website and the introductory page on awards, C&A and Other – Becky noted that what’s on the left needs to go to one more page, to separate from C&A. As soon as we integrate the C&A link to FastTrack, it should be up and running. Holly will fix the board listings to note Emily, and that the DC and International positions are currently vacant. Robert reminded everyone the system is built so anyone can contribute, don’t think everything should fall on Holly’s plate. Becky echoed that it was quite easy to work with Joomla. Will there eventually be a directory of members? Yes.

FastTrack Update – There is a change needed in the rule book, and we need to link to the FastTrack registration page. One judge’s name has to be updated, we need to make sure the links to the rule book work, and then test it to make sure everything’s working, Faith noted.

Holly also updated the board on the financial situation. Holly will work up a note from the President on renewing membership so it can go out before the

Tom – if we could get a list of those who’ve retired and not yet obtained a life/retiree membership, he’d draft a letter to them which could also tie in with the Centennial celebration. Holly suggested a separate “button” on the web page for life membership (no renewal fee), and one for retirees, who pay for it.
Holly noted she’d tried contacting Lee Shields, archivist, to no avail. Marci provided her with a phone contact.

Tom – very encouraged with what’s going on with the web site. Jennifer – if we send out a note to members asking them to vote on the constitution, and then after that, we send out a note about renewing – might there be a chance they won’t be able to vote on the constitutional changes. It was noted that there shouldn’t be a problem.

Faith/Suzanne: SIG and C&A
Suzanne: There is a judge to replace one who’s bowed out from C&A. SIG update – all have probably seen the professional development opportunities they’ve offered, social media, garnering national attention for your college, and others. Good activity there. Last month, Beth Raney joined the SIG call to
talk about eXtension, and Edwin Remsberg talked about the 2012 conference. The SIG Leaders also talked about where diversity would fit appropriately in the different categories. We’re trying to work on this proposal from the Diversity SIG in the winter so decisions can be made and to reflect concerns.
Faith: Need to make a final couple of connections to get C&A up and going. I think we’re well on track to meet our deadline, but we’ll need to do a lot of promotion so people will give us another chance. Suzanne and Becky were thanked for their help and keeping things organized.

JAC report: Becky – we’re caught up with Executive JAC Editor Dwayne Cartmell, and he’s almost caught up with issues. Also, there will be the special 3rd issue from papers presented at the June conference; all eight presenters were eager to have their papers published.

Two JAC items Becky brought to the board:
1) Board approval of two additional JAC board members. Want to get on a regular schedule with 6 regular members, with 2 rotating off each year. Right now, we’re down to 4, and want to add Kate Abrams and Leslie Edgars to the editorial board, with terms expiring in 2014. We also need Ricky Telg and Lisa Lundy to stay on for another year. Becky made a motion to extend Ricky and Lisa for one more year, and add Kate and Leslie for 3-year terms, seconded by Jason. Motion unanimously approved.
2) Licensing agreement: Gale Group approached ACE, a company that is basically an aggregator of research information, so it makes research easier to find. Libraries subscribe to Gale to go directly to peer-reviewed journal-type articles. Gale would like JAC info in their database, and they would pay a royalty to ACE of 30 percent of the royalties they receive. ACE still owns the copyright and the agreement would be non-inclusive; we can still do whatever we want on our own website; their goal is to help libraries searching for research. Tom wondered if we should check with a library; Robert talked with his wife who has worked with Gale and it should be fine. Robert wondered if they might do some scanning of our back issues. Dwayne was going to have his work study do that. Becky asked who would sign this agreement, and it would be Elaine as ACE president. Any money garnered from royalties would go to support JAC. The agreement is for three years, although in writing we could cut the agreement at any time. Becky made the motion that ACE enter into an agreement with Gale Group to include JAC in its databases; Jason seconded. Unanimously approved. Is there a way to add a link to the current JAC site to the old JAC site? Becky said they would do that and Dwayne is working on it.

Retiree Proposal: Tom provided background for a proposal regarding a Retiree Award of Excellence. Goal not only to make retirees who’ve contributed feel good about what they have done, but a way to engage other retirees more in the organization. This award would be administered with the other
awards, and Tom had submitted a draft of the award description and nomination form. Tom made the motion the ACE Board accepts the proposal to accept the recommendation to create a Retiree Award of Excellence, seconded by Becky. Unanimously approved.

2012 Conference – Edwin – have a logo now. We’re working out the location for a conference field trip.

2013 Conference – Faith: Debbie Hagenmaier and she have met with Beth Raney and they’re sending out the standard proposal to hotels. Once there’s a response, they will go to Indianapolis to review them. Also talked with NETC on how to handle the joint meeting; we’ve come up with a “hybrid’ – with a day dedicated separately to ACE and NETC, a day to co-mingle, and a joint outing at the raceway. Faith has the program committee with Doug Eglund as chair. May also be an event specific to retirees – a day trip to Urbana to do some sort of commemoration.

Review of Constitutional Changes
Elaine – we had appointed a sub-committee at the fall board meeting, and we worked on the phone and then Holly and I met with Jennifer to hammer out the details. We have sent you a copy of the Constitution as we changed it, and the original version. Open it up as to what you think. Timeline: hoping board approves today, next week we’d send a message to members with the new constitution and do a reminder to members by Jan. 10 and to vote by Jan. 30. At the board meeting in February, the board could approve the changes to the by-laws and slate of candidates, along with the transition plan, announcing it all Feb. 28 to all members. Jennifer – on the version indicating what has been changed and/or deleted, I wonder if we could clean it up a bit to match the clean version to go to the members. On the items that were deleted, if they could be crossed out, and the items that were changed, a note as to what changed. And do that throughout the document. Also in the version showing change and deleted, on page 2, under dues, section 5, there’s a “payable on Jan. 1” that didn’t get deleted. On page 3, section 1 under ACE board definition, still says 8 directors, should be 6. Page 4, 3rd paragraph “changed” add a note – coordinator changed to executive director, plus we added a section for treasurer. Page 5, under appointed leadership notes, one note to explain what got changed or added. Page 7, under organization funds, section 2, acceptance of funds, didn’t see anything that changed. Jennifer – in the actual, clean version, search and replace for consistency: retiree director versus retirees’ director, hyphenating ex officio and capitalizing directors, Jason – research director definition – JAC board thought it was JAC-centric, and it thought there was a lot more to the research component. We have a recommendation for a revised wording to that section, and how we put it was that what we wanted to include the Research SIG liaison, reworded the 1st sentence: thought the Research SIG should be focused on special development of the membership in regards to research, want this person to be more of a research person. The new version will read: Research Director will be responsible for contributing to the advancement of ACE by conducting or commissioning research to address the organization’s priorities and needs. This director also will serve as the liaison between the Research SIG, Journal of Applied Communications (JAC) editorial board and JAC executive editor, and the ACE board. Jennifer also said we should note that the subcommittee did look at the By-laws to ensure consistency and there were no conflicts with both documents. Tom – looked specifically at director positions, what I read seemed to be very well done and reflects what we previously discussed. Robert made the motion to approve the new ACE Constitution, seconded by Tom, with the changes as outlined during this board conference. Unanimously approved.

Holly will get final draft with changes approved today; will need to work further on a message to members and finish that as well so we can send. Those with questions can contact Elaine or Holly. Tom thinks the SP group will be very gratified that the board took their recommendations and acted
on them – I think it will be very rewarding to those members. Elaine – the last year was a big year of change. Tabled work on the committee on RFPs for conference planners – will include in next agenda.

2014 location needs to be discussed. Elaine closed the meeting at 12:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Holly Young, Interim Executive Director

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