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Board Minutes

Dec. 3, 2012

Board Conference Call
Monday, Dec. 3, 2012
10 PST/11 MST/Noon CST/1 EST



I. Call to Order – Faith Peppers

President Faith Peppers, President-elect Becky Koch, Vice President Joanne Littlefield, Membership Director Tracey Ferwerda, Marketing Director Jennifer Alexander, Marketing Director-elect Kevin Smith, Past President and Treasurer Elaine Edwards, Professional Development Director-elect Rhonda Conlon, Research Director Jason Ellis, SIG Director Julie Douglas, Retiree Director Marci Hilt

Absent: Professional Development Director Emily Eubanks, Research director-elect Tracy Irani

II. Review of Meeting Minutes

Becky moved to approve the minutes of the Oct. 8-9, 2012, board meeting in Roswell, Ga., as amended, with a second from Jennifer. Motion approved.

III. Interim Executive Director Report – Holly Young

    • Working with accountant to prepare taxes. Filed for 3-month extension, due February 15, 2013.
    • Working with Tracey on membership directory and renewal process.
    • Getting QuickBooks and Wells Fargo materials books updated in preparation for C&A.
    • Have about $18,000 in checking plus the check from Annapolis with the net proceeds, $2,000 of which will be placed in our money market account, and the remaining $10,000 in our checking account.


IV. Update on C&A – Becky Koch/Julie Douglas

Becky – C&A is coming along fairly well. A major concern is the recommendation from the Diversity SIG for diversity wording in the judging criteria in all other classes. Although it’s been discussed before, some SIGs are expressing concern that diversity may be weighted heavier than other criteria, and more importantly, it may not be an important criteria for certain classes.

Joanne wondered if the entry instructions could indicate it’s not applicable for some categories.  Becky noted the way the Diversity SIG presented the changes, they would become part of all the judging criteria.

Julie asked that as an interim, she take a look at the issue more closely and see how we can incorporate the diversity suggestions while making each of the SIGs happy with how it’s incorporated. She said she thinks it needs to be there, since it’s been in the works for two years. She will work with each SIG to incorporate diversity phrasing in their C&A classes.

Becky noted that as of this meeting, no SIG has approved it. She actually cut and pasted the recommendations into the current criteria, and the only one she heard back was from Publishing, which didn’t think it was appropriate as presented. The deadline for Julie to contact the SIGs is Dec. 10.Becky asked for board review of C&A instructions.

V. Update on Membership Directory –Tracey Ferwerda

Tracey reported the state representative list is updated online now, and the state rep handbook is still a work in progress. The board needs to make time to do a state representative training at the annual conference. The online state representative list is still missing a few state listings.

 Regarding the new membership form created by CyberSense, Tracey wants to do her own membership first to make sure it works. It will be important to put up a notice that members are on a secure site for credit card input. We also need to let life members know that while they don’t have to renew memberships, they are encouraged to update their profiles.


VI. Update from Nominating Committee – Elaine Edwards

Elaine reported the committee met recently and developed a strategy and list of names for recruiting for our open positions: vice president, SIG director, membership director, and retiree director.The list of nominees will be presented at the next board meeting.


VII. SIG Leader Report – Julie Douglas

Julie reported SIG leaders regrouped during their conference call in November and are now primarily focused on incorporating the diversity wording in C&A criteria. She’s done some work with Dennis Thomas, and he really wants to see the Diversity SIG move forward. They’ve been able to bring in leadership so the Diversity SIG can continue.

The next SIG meeting is Dec. 11. Before then, Julie will work with the SIGs and determine how to include the diversity component in C&A criteria. In 2013, she’d like to focus on having the SIGs work on their websites. A lot of the SIGs’ upcoming work will be on professional development and annual conference.

Faith asked her to bring up the opportunity for pre- and post-conference workshops during the next SIG call. Electronic Video Producers (EVP) is joining us, and we’re going to offer a post-conference workshop on issues management.

Holly will send Julie the listing of judges to encourage SIG chairs to confirm new ones or repeats.

VIII. JAC Report – Jason Ellis

FastTrack has been implemented on a test level with some initial articles, and then there will be a full-fledged launch. The next issue should be coming out shortly, and it will be the Annapolis conference issue along with two to three other manuscripts.

The JAC board is working on a special Centennial issue, with a June 1 release date. The board solicited ideas for that issue, eight were chosen, the authors contacted, and the manuscripts are due in February so there will be time to review them.

The JAC board is working on developing some review rubrics, and also has worked on one for book reviews. Two members are rotating off the board, Lisa Lundy and Ricky Telg, and the board is looking at recruiting new board members.

The board is talking about going to four issues in 2013. There are now  enough submissions to support that effort.

IX. Centennial Committee Update – Joanne Littlefield

Joanne put out a Doodle poll for a meeting this month. She met with Robert Casler before Thanksgiving. The Program Committee wanted some clarity from the Centennial Committee and thinks it best to have a separate budget. When she and Elaine reviewed the archives, Bill Carnahan’s request to digitize kept coming up. That might be the focus of a fundraiser related to the Centennial Committee. She also needs to talk with Jim Evans with the Ag Communication Documentation Center about including archived items.

There’s a gala being planned for the Tuesday night of the conference, and the Indiana Ballroom has been reserved. It is an affordable option.

The program committee for the 2013 conference has already raised about $20,000 from the six original landgrant colleges and universities, specific to the conference, and at a certain giving level, we will reserve a table for them at the Gala.

X. 2013 Conference Committee Update – Faith

Things are moving along nicely, and K-State is responsible for the conference website. The goal is to keep the registration low with continued fundraising, so those attending can afford the Gala and/or workshops. Speakers are moving forward, working on one now with NETC for the Bill Murphy speaker. Call for breakout session proposals will be coming out soon.

Marci wondered if the board could do something at the conference on social responsibility. Faith suggested she get in touch with Beth Forbes. Kevin volunteered to review organizations in the Indianapolis area for Marci.

XI. 2014 and 2015 Conference Updates – Becky and Joanne

Conference Planner Debbie Hagenmaier is going to visit three hotels in Portland, OR, this month, to ensure we can get the best deal. Oregon ACE state rep Jeff Hino will make the visit with her.

Sandi Karstens has agreed to be the program committee chair for 2014. If any board members have recommendations of anyone who would be willing to serve on the program committee, let Becky know. Faith suggested Steve Miller.

Joanne – We will pursue Charleston, SC, for 2015. There will be a site visit in late January.

XII. New Business

Jennifer noted the deadline for board members to submit items for the next “ACE Update” email newsletter to members is Dec. 7. Submissions should be a one- to two-sentence blurb, with a link if appropriate. There are some ideas for content suggestions listed in the email.

Applications for Professional Development grants are due Dec. 10. The committee will meet later that week and then make recommendations to the ACE board at the January board meeting.

Rhonda voiced some concerns regarding security on the website, particularly the page for paying your membership by credit card. She suggested talking with George Chronis at CyberSense about purchasing an SSL certificate for the entire ACE website. Joanne moved that ACE purchase the certificate for $500/year. Tracey seconded. Motion approved.

 The meeting was adjourned at 2:24 pm EST.

Respectfully submitted – Holly Young, interim executive director


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