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Board Minutes

July 22, 2010

Board Conference Call
Thursday, July 22, 2010
8 PST/9 MST/10 CST/11 EST

Meeting minutes taken from recording.

The following were in attendance:
Brad Beckman, Robert Casler, Rhonda Conlon (2011 Conference Chair), Steve Dodrill, Elaine Edwards, Debbie Hagenmeier (Annual Meeting Planner), Sandi Karstens, Tom Knecht, Becky Koch, Faith Peppers, Edwin Remsberg, Paquito Singleton (from Headquarters), Suzanne Steele, and Holly Young

The following board members were not in attendance:
Emily Eubanks an Allison Eckhardt

I. Call to Order.
Meeting was called to order at 9:07am MT by President Robert Casler.

II. Review of Agenda
Board members did not have any additional items that they would like to add to the agenda.

III. Meeting Minutes.
Board tabled review of June 2010 meeting minutes to next meeting.

IV. Board Meeting Format
The Board discussed utilizing a Web presentation tool for future Board meetings to share documents and to chat. Adobe Connect, WebEx, and Wimba (Blackboard product) are some of the products that were discussed.

V. Financial Update – Holly Young
Holly Young introduced the proposed budget for 2010 – 2011. She also communicated that the second payment for management expenses was authorized. The transfer of $18,000 from Wachovia account to the general operating account needs to take place. Holly will forward to the management office specific instructions on which account to pull the $18,000. A letter from the IRS was issued for the late filing of taxes of over $6,000. This letter was sent to IFAS for the 2008 year.

Holly requested that the Board review the actual from the 2009 – 2010 year. Holly communicated that ACE had $209,000 in total assets. Holly will give Elaine Edwards and Robert Casler login access for the Vanguard accounts. Steve indicated that he would like to see quarterly financial reports posted on the future Web site for Board review. Steve mentioned that the presented budget has a $22,000 deficit and it is not sustainable. Steve suggested that for the October Board Meeting the Board consider how to address the deficit budget that the organization has operated with in the past few years. Steve suggested that the Board needs to consider new revenue streams to help our overall operating budget. Becky asked if there would be any income from the National Meeting. It is believed that the $4,500 from the loan will be returned; however, the National Meeting will most likely break even. Steve mentioned the sponsorship idea that Nicole Singleton has suggested or perhaps increasing dues. Paquito mentioned that some of the income streams have gone away like the JAC subscriptions. Paquito recommended that we look at expanded programming as a way to increase the revenue as well. Holly Young indicated that she would work with Headquarters to do a transfer from the Vanguard account to a Wachovia account.

VI. 2010 Conference Wrap-Up – Debbie Hagenmeier
The Conference survey results were shared with the Board. Almost 96% ranked the Conference from good to excellent category. There were comments about the facility. When Larry and Debbie did the site visit, they were told that the hotel would be remodeling. There were comments about the location not being downtown; however, only 19% indicated that a downtown location was important to them. It was asked if there was feedback on the absence of SIG sessions and the banquet. From the survey, a number indicated that the time with the SIGs was missed. It also appeared that many of the attendees missed the Live Auction. The revenue generated from the Auction was 50% less than in times past. More than 50% of the attendees completed the online
survey. Debbie mentioned that the financial report will be prepared in the next two weeks. Debbie indicated that there was an additional $2,500 of audio/visual expenses associated with the Webcast that had not been budgeted. She wanted to know if this should be passed on to eXtension as the
sponsor of this program. Suzanne indicated that eXtension’s offer was to provide the content to defer the costs of the universities who may have logged on for the Webcast; so, she did not believe it would be fair.

VII. 2011 Conference Planning – Rhonda Conlin
Rhonda indicated that she will use the survey results in the planning for the 2011 meeting. She will want to also get the results from the ACE/NETC 2009 meeting. The committee has met once so far. They believe that they have good involvement from Colorado State University. Joanne Littlefield is going to be the subcommittee chair for tours and social events. The committee plans to develop a conference web site quickly. They hope to get a good number of sponsors. Rhonda Conlon asked the Board members what they were seeing in their states for budgets. Faith Peppers suggested that the Live Auction and the 404 be held at different times so that the activities were not competing with each other to bring ACE and NETC members to both programs. Faith Peppers mentioned that only one person in the survey questioned why there was not a Reuben Brigham Award. There were no nominations for the Reuben Brigham Award. Rhonda Conlin is to schedule time to speak with Debbie Hagenmeier about the hotel arrangements. Room for eight breakout sessions have been secured.

VIII. Fall Board Meeting – Robert Casler
Robert indicated that he plans to have the Executive Committee to meet on the morning of October 19, and meet with the Strategic Planning Committee that afternoon. The Strategic Planning Committee would then present on the Future of ACE to the whole Board on the morning of October 20. Robert signed the contract with the hotel on July 21. Robert indicated that he would get the reservations information out to the Board.

IX. Headquarters Report
Paquito Singleton indicated that all critiques have been distributed. Approval was given by Robert Casler for the OPS letters; so, those will be distributed. The judges’ payments went out. Robert requested a list of the judges from Headquarters. Headquarters has received Steve Dodrill’s updated website plan. These changes will be made. Steve asked the Board if they would like to be part of the initial review of the Web site. Most expressed interest. Steve asked that all comments and feedback be provided in writing.

X. SIG Update – Suzanne Steele
SIG training meeting was held on July 8. Four of the SIGs were not represented in the meeting. Graphic Design and Photography have no leadership at all. Suzanne wants to talk more about combining some of the SIGs. Robert Casler participated in the meeting. They are planning to meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. The SIG leaders list was updated. On August 10, they plan to discuss selection of judges and what is required. During the SIG meetings, they want to find out what professional development opportunities are needed and wanted by the SIG members. The September 14 meeting will focus on how to use Adobe Connect for the benefit of the SIG. On November 9 they will discuss development fund grant applications and getting members ready for the C&A programs. Updated SIG leader handbook links to places on the Web sites where information may be found.

XI. Committee Updates
Steve Dodrill indicated that he reached out to Frankie Gould to get the names of those who expressed interest on being on the Board. There are nine positions open and Steve hopes to have these filled by August. Robert Casler asked about the status of the JAC Proposal. Steve indicated that once each of the committees are filled he plans to reach out and share the committee charges with the committee leaders. He also plans to communicate that at a minimum the committees should meet on a quarterly basis. Tom asked if the committee liaisons had changed from last year.

XII. New Business
Steve indicated that he sent out the letter that went to Headquarters from the Board. Item #8 was removed because Headquarters cannot control how quickly the CPA firm handles the audit. The purpose of the audit was to review the records from the previous Headquarters to see if they were in the right shape; however, most of the records are not available for an audit from the records from the previous management office. The Executive Committee decided not to move forward with the audit since all of the financial records and details were not provided. Steve asked for the Board’s feedback on this decision. Steve suggested that Item #8 be taken out of the letter and be resent to Headquarters for signing.

In addition, Steve indicated that there was a petition that went around the Conference for ACE to provide educational opportunities regarding the climate crisis. There were about 50 people who signed the petition. Steve indicated that he will pass this information and petition on to the Programs Committee. ACE should consider this for the programming for the upcoming Conference. Steve discovered that the October 15 meeting minutes had the wrong date on them. Steve made a motion that the date on the October meeting minutes be updated with the correct date. The motion was seconded by Holly and approved unanimously.

XIII. Adjournment of Meeting. Mee
Holly made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:45am MT. The motion was seconded by Edwin. Motion carried, and meeting adjourned.

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