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Board Minutes

January 13, 2011

Board Conference Call
Thursday, January 13, 2011
8 PST/9 MST/10 CST/11 EST

Meeting was called to order at 8:05pm PT.
In attendance: Robert Casler (President), Elaine Edwards (President‐elect), Faith Peppers (Vice‐President), Steve Dodrill (Past President), Holly Young (Treasurer), Emily Eubanks (Southern Region Director‐elect), Edwin Remsberg (Northeast Region Director), Doug Edlund (Southern Region Director),
Tom Knecht (Retirees Director), Brad Beckman (Eastern Region Director), Becky Koch (North Central Region Director‐ elect), Sandi Karstens (North Central Region Director), Rhonda Conlin (Guest)

Board members communicated that they did not receive the December minutes. ACE Headquarters will send them out and they will be reviewed at the next meeting. October meeting minutes need to be updated with the following:
 Section 6 – C&A should be Elaine Edwards.
 Section 7 – third sentence does not read correctly. SIG leaders wanted more information on the critiques that were not received. Confirm this with Suzanne.
 JAC Editorial Board – Dwayne Cartmell’s name is spelled incorrectly.
 Item 4 – Third Paragraph – Comment about Elaine Edwards moved to approve a disbursement of $300 to the Southern Region to sponsor a break in the Ag program February 7.
 Section 5, Headquarters Report – add the phrase “from outside organizations” – Website link exchanges
 Insert the word “the” before “website”
 Item 6 – 85% of the judges. Add a period after this sentence then lead to:, but only 2/3 of the judges felt
 Item 7 – add “at the annual conference” – SIG leaders want to have their meetings at the annual conference
 Committee Reports – Strategic Planning
 The Strategic Planning Committee – after survey, add “and other sources”
 Nominating Committee – (Change the name) –
 ACE Conference Update – 2nd paragraph, 2011 conference – Tom’s comments should be moved to the fourth paragraph as it relates to 2012

Holly moved to approve the October meeting minutes with the recommended corrections. The motion was seconded by Faith. The motion was approved by the Board.

Nicole Singleton reported that membership renewal is currently taking place. There have been some questions on how to renew membership online, so Headquarters has created typed step‐by‐step instructions for members. Headquarters has also been assisting members with this process over the

Nicole also reported that there have been some issues with lifetime members being charged $50. Headquarters is working to resolve this issue. The email has been approved by Elaine. Nicole Singleton provided an update on the letter that was received from Robert Casler. She reported that:

Headquarters has provided the Executive Committee with backend access to the website. Headquarters has provided access to QuickBooks Online to the Finance Committee. Access to membership data has been granted to officers. Headquarters is able to give one‐on-one assistance where needed. Headquarters is continuing to work with the web communications committee to improve the website. A list was provided by Steve, requesting meeting of web committee. This is expected to be completed by Thursday, January 20. Headquarters is moving the phone and email logs to the Intervals system. This will enable the membership support team to track activity in real time. Logins will be provided to officers. Headquarters is to set up a separate database account containing email addresses of ACE members. This will allow officers to send emails directly to members. Platforms discussed include Joomla, Constant Contact, and Listserv.

Tom brought up some concerns about the use of graphic emails sent through Constant Contact. He reported that he is unable to read these emails on his smartphone. He suggested that plain text emails be sent instead. Nicole said that there is an option at the bottom of each message that allows the user to see a PDF of the email or to copy and paste the text. Tom said that the emails need to be reformatted. Nicole said that we can send emails that have fewer graphics.

A few people inquired about the advantages of using Constant Contact over the use of Listserv. Nicole replied that Constant Contact alerts us of bounce backs and gives us data that shows who is reading the emails. This allows Headquarters to track users that may have changed their email or who might be having problems opening the emails.

Nicole said that a major reason that Constant Contact is used is because it does not limit the number of emails that can be sent at once. Listserv has restrictions, so mass emails must be sent in smaller groups. She said that she will look into the advantages and disadvantages of Listserv.

Nicole said that some members are having problems renewing their membership online. The issue is that the member must first login to the site before they can see renewal options. She said that we will be emailing instructions to all members to clarify this. Headquarters will also be working with the web
designer to edit the page so that users are redirected to the login page after clicking “renew.” This should eliminate a lot of the confusion. Headquarters will also be adding an option to pay by check rather than credit card.

The Finance Committee indicated that the SIG and Regional funds are to be taken out of the budget. As of January 13, 2011, the actual budget is showing a net income of $19,000. This amount will increase with membership renewals and C&A entry payments. Holly Young wants the board to take a look at how the reserves can be increased to ensure that there is more cushion.

Holly Young indicated that her term as the Treasurer is coming to a close at the end of this year. Robert asked the Board if this position should become part of the nomination process. Holly indicated that she recommends that this position be filled by someone who currently sits on the board and is in tune with the budget instead of nominating someone for the position. Nicole Singleton reminded the Board that it was discussed in October that the Board utilize the Finance Committee as a training environment for the future Treasurer position.

There is $203,000 in current assets. Holly Young encouraged the board to look at additional non‐dues revenue streams for generating income to fund the operating budget.

Steve went through the website page by page. A list of changes will be finalized next Thursday. He suggested mini tutorials to help members who may be having issues. A retirees section has been added to the website. The section needs some content. Tutorials and an easy way to upload and update this section of the website are needed. Faith said that Suzanne has information from the SIGs that can be used to build interest in promoting the website and need to create a better link with the retirees. Steve mentioned the new membership blog. There are currently three postings. Board members are encouraged to post new content. The first posting by each person needs to be approved by Steve. If you would like to post an entry on the blog, please email Steve to get your first post approved.

The writing SIG is not currently active. Suzanne sent a message to Nicole about which SIG’s have merged. The Research SIG is having issues accessing Listserv. Headquarters is to follow up on this.

Steve pointed out that the candidates for Vice President have been selected. If a current board member is elected, we will need to vote in a replacement for their former position. Holly moved to approve the list of nominations presented by Steve Dodrill on behalf of the Nominating Committee. Sandi seconded the motion. All were in favor.

The email extending the call for nominations needs to be resent by Headquarters. 40 proposals have been received to date. The promotions committee is using its Twitter page to help spread this information. The programming committee is looking into ways to reduce the conference spending. Suggestions
include limiting the selection of speakers and refraining from hosting evening events, which would cause us to save $44 per person by eliminating dinner meals. Rhonda discussed ways that they plan to market the 2011 conference. These include:

Informational and reminder emails Blog postings, which are posted by SIG leaders and Committee members. They have been aiming to post twice per week. Promoting local attractions Twitter account Using the upcoming anniversary to gain interest

A concern was mentioned that the past few conferences were late in getting the agenda out. This caused members to have difficulties planning and arranging travel accommodations. The committe is hoping to have this year’s agenda ready by mid‐February, in time for the March 1st registration opening. The issue of whether to schedule the conference on a weekend or on weekdays was discussed. Holding it on Sunday and Monday may help solve this issue. There will be 48 slots per day for speakers. There are eight rooms for three days. The committee is planning three to four keynote speakers. The speaker committee is working on the schedule.

Becky said that Dwayne and others are working on the journal. Articles are currently being prepared. Headquarters is to confirm that payment has been sent for the layout designer. Dwayne Cartmell has articles for 2009 issues 3 and 4. His goal is to be on schedule by the time of the conference.

The proposal was received by Robert Casler last night from Debbie Hagenmeier. Debbie’s contract expires after the 2012 Conference. The discussion will be tabled until the next meeting, February 24, 2011, in order to review and discuss the proposal.

Our next meeting will be held February 24, 2011. Meeting adjourned at 10:03 am PT. Meeting minutes submitted by Kirby Rowe from the Headquarters office.

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