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Board Minutes

December 2, 2010 

Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences

Board Conference Call

Thursday, December 2, 2010

8 PST/9 MST/10 CST/11 EST


Call to Order/Roll Call

Meeting was called to order at 8:05am PST.

In attendance: Brad Bechman, Robert Casler, Steve Dodrill, Allison Eckhardt, Doug Edlund, Elaine Edwards, Sandi

Karstens, Tom Knecht, Becky Koch, Faith Peppers, Edwin Remsberg, Nicole Singleton, Suzanne Steel, Holly Young

In attendance – Non‐Board Members: Jeff Hino, Debbie Hagenmeier 
Not in attendance: Emily Eubanks


 Amendments to the Agenda

No amendments to the agenda. Holly Young asked if the issue was resolved with the Internal Revenue Service.  Nicole Singleton communicated that the matter has been resolved and the potential penalties have been waived.


Meeting Minutes

Holly moved to table October meeting minutes until next Board call. Steve seconded the motion. Holly requested a two week turn around on the meeting minutes. Headquarters needs to add recent meeting minutes to web site.


Website Updates

Steve Dodrill went through the entire website to provide Headquarters with an extensive list of items that need to be resolved.  An example of items that needs to be addressed is the submission of news items.  Once items are submitted, they do not show on the actual website.  Steve and the Web committee plan to push out web tutorials for the membership so that they better understand the website. At this point, three of the eleven tutorial articles have been written. Steve suggested that the Board consider how ACE’s communications will be structured.  Steve communicated that at the end of the 2010 calendar year he will need to reduce his efforts on ACE’scommunications and website.  He suggested that perhaps ACE hire someone on a stipend to provide content for the website similar to what has been done for the Journal.  Suzanne suggested that the Board and SIG leaders contribute to the website to assist in keeping this information up‐to‐date. Steve indicated that this did not happen with Signals.  Steve also communicated that Headquarters cannot be responsive for the content; it should come from the membership. Robert communicated that perhaps the Vice President could oversee the content development for the website.  Faith Peppers indicated that she would be willing to gather content for the immediate future.


Strategic Planning Update

Jeff Hino provided the entire Board with the deliverables from the Strategic Planning Committee. The committee worked from the membership survey, the feedback from the Future of ACE conference workshop, and the results from exit surveys that were conducted. The committee developed a list of topics that the strategic planning committee believes needs to be addressed.  This list was shared with the Board and includes the following:

Increase Financial Stability

Improve Professional Development Opportunities

 Improve Organizational Structure

 Improve All Communications

Improve Value of Membership

 Improve Operational Support

The Board plans to make a decision on the proposed strategic plan at the June board meeting in Denver, Colorado.  The plan is to be submitted to the board by March 1, 2011. It was recommended that a transition plan be developed for items like the change in organizational structure instead of an immediate change.


 Nominating Committee

Steve Dodrill communicated that there is only one candidate in the SIG Director Elect position.  Suzanne is continuing to look for candidates.  The Retirees have decided to only have one candidate for the Director Elect position as it is challenging to get multiple candidates. All other open positions have two candidates.  Steve communicated who is serving on the Nominating Committee.  There was also some discussion about the JAC Board and need to recruit for the JAC Editorial Board.


 C&A Update

Elaine communicated that she has been working with Headquarters to make changes on the online submittal process.  One of the things that will be done is to send a hard copy letter to the judges.  Most of the judges have been identified; however, there are still some open slots.  The SIG leaders looked for new judges to provide a fresh perspective.  C&A should open January 3, 2011, as indicated in the Calendar of Deadlines.  The deadline is the last business day of January 2011.  Elaine attended the November SIG meeting to talk through the process with SIG leaders.  SIG leaders feel as if they are being included in the process and planning for C&A.VIII. 2010 and 2011 Conference Updates Debbie Hagenmeier indicated that they are ready to close the 2010 conference account.  The conference had a net of $1,617.49.  There is a total of $8,517.49 currently in the conference account.   Steve noted that the $15 per person fee goes back to the General Operating Account and not into the meeting fund; this totaled $2,700.  The other funds are to go to the conference account. The Call for Proposals has been sent out for 2011.  The publicity committee recently met to discuss the promotions for the conference. Blogs should begin in January.  It was confirmed that ACE Headquarters will design the awards booklet for C&A. A conference budget has not yet been put together for 2011.  Debbie plans to have this put together by January 2011.  Debbie is to send the budget to Rhonda Conlon, Robert Casler, Holly Young, and Nicole Singleton. Rhonda Conlon and Joanne Littlefield visited the Inverness site in November and feel comfortable regarding the site. There is some concern about how to provide A/V to keep the pricing down.  Debbie indicated that ACE/NETC can rent equipment from Kansas State. Robert communicated that the board meeting would be 1 ½ days and the hotel schedule needed to reflect this.Currently, there are no sponsors secured for the 2011 Conference.  There are some talks taking place about the sponsorship opportunities.Headquarters recently received the Call for Presentation Proposals and will send out within the week to the membership database. The committee is considering two pre‐conference workshops.


 Financial Update

Holly Young communicated that an email will be forthcoming to schedule time for the finance committee to meet to plan to develop a balanced budget.   


SIG Update

Suzanne Steel communicated that there has been one SIG Leader meeting since the Fall Board meeting.  The combination of the two SIGs was announced. Steve met with the SIG Leaders to review the new website. Elaine discussed the C&A surveys.  Suzanne indicated that the SIG Leaders were encouraged to apply for development fund grants. Robert asked if there has been any discussion about professional development opportunities from the SIGs. Suzanne indicated that there has been some discussion about developing Adobe Connect Sessions.


 SIG Update

Nicole Singleton communicated that Headquarters is working with a number of the board members and committees on ACE projects.  Headquarters has prepared the system for the membershiprenewal and is working with Elaine to prepare for C&A.  There was one SIG, the Diversity SiG, that had changes to the C&A review process.  These changes have been incorporated.


JAC Update

Becky Koch provided an update on a call with Lisa Lundy, Dwayne Cartmell, and Robert Casler that was recently held.  A few of the board members have retired and will need to be taken off of the website.  Jennifer Alexander’s email address needs to be updated on the website. Since June 2007, a lot of changes have been made by the JAC Board.  The copyright issue still needs to be addressed by the JAC Editorial Board.  


 Centennial Celebration – 2013

Robert Casler indicated that there has been some discussion to develop and publish the full ACE history.  The plan is to involve retirees and past ACE presidents in the planning of the Centennial Celebration. The Centennial Celebration falls on the same year as the ACE/NETC meeting in 2013.   Champagne/Urbana was being considered for the Centennial Celebration; however, the facility is not large enough to accommodate the breakout space needed.


 2012 ACE Conference

Elaine Edwards communicated that she is looking for someone to chair the 2012 Conference.  Edwin recommended Baltimore, Maryland, for the 2012 conference.  Elaine asked that the board let her know of any chairpersons. Robert mentioned that Debbie’s contract runs to 2012.  The board will need to take a look at her contract. Elaine does have some who have expressed interest in serving on the committee.



The Board Meeting was adjourned at 9:46am PT

Meeting minutes were submitted by Nicole Singleton from ACE Headquarters.

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