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Board Meeting

April 7, 2011

Association for Communication Excellence

in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences

Board Conference Call

Thursday, April 7, 2011

8 PST/9 MST/10 CST/11 EST


 Call to Order

Board Members in Attendance:  Brad Beckman, Robert Casler, Steve Dodrill, Allison Eckhardt, Doug Edlund, Elaine Edwards, SandiKarstens, Tom Knecht, Becky Koch, Faith Peppers, Edwin Remsberg, Nicole Singleton, Suzanne Steel, Holly Young


Guests in Attendance: Jennifer Alexander, Rhonda Conlon


Board Members Not in Attendance: Emily Eubanks


 Approval of Meeting Minutes

Steve Dodrill indicated that those not in attendance should also be listed on the March meeting minutes.

ACE Headquarters will distribute the December and January Board meeting minutes.  October Board Meeting Minutes and additional board materials need to be added to the ACE website by Headquarters.  

Other meeting minutes corrections from the March Board Meeting Minutes include:

Item 3 referenced the nomination ‐ Nomination Forms were distributed to the respective Directors. Make this correction. Holly Young motioned for a loan approval for conference start‐up funds.

Item 9 – strategic planning process not strategic process

Steve Dodrill indicated that there was a nomination for the Professional Award; however, it had been entered in the wrong award category. Holly suggested that the minutes for December, January and February be tabled and approved



Headquarters Update
Headquarters indicated that it will need to develop a list for stipend payments and receive approval from Elaine and Holly.   

Nicole Singleton reported the current account balances totaling $244,967.42.

The account breakdown is:
General       $40,421.69

Money Market ‐     $12,022.73

Investment Account ‐     $48,329.56

PayPal (undeposited funds) $  6,469.74

Vanguard Accounts    $137,723.70

Current Total Assets    $244,967.42


 Financial Update

Holly provided an update on the VanGuard Accounts as of February 28, 2011.

The Form 990 has been submitted by Taylor Roth to the IRS.  There were changes made to change the address for ACE from IFAS to the Denver address.  Holly has also asked that Headquarters change this information with the Secretary of State in Colorado.  Holly Young has been meeting with the bookkeeper from the management office to clear up some items in QuickBooks.  There are approximately $9,000 in receivables that needs to be cleaned up.  Holly requested a P&L by month from Headquarters. Tom Knecht questioned why there were two membership categories in the Profit & Loss statement.  Robert Casler asked that Headquarters provide a list of non‐renewing members to the Board of Directors.Elaine Edwards asked that new member information to SIG Leaders, Regional Directors, and State Chairs. Holly Young indicated that the calls every two weeks have been useful with Headquarters.


C&A Update

Elaine Edwards reported that the online access was given to the judges.  The physical entries were also sent out early March.  Judges were given until March 28, 2011, to complete the critiques.  70% of the judging is complete.  Elaine has completed the letters and has asked Headquarters to distribute the letters as they come in to the office.  A judge indicated that there was a problem with the Federal Express account number.  Headquarters is to confirm that the issue with the Federal Express account was resolved.  Elaine Edwards and Brandon Tyler will communicate later today to clean up any outstanding issues.


SIG Update

Suzanne indicated that she sent out the updated ACE SIG Handbook.  SIGs can continue hosting their websites where they are today or have Headquarters to build out the pages if needed.  Suzanne asked if the SIGs have input in the evaluation forms for the C&A program.  SIG Chairs are asked to provide any recommendations that they have.  Suzanne indicated that she would like to have a PDF version as well as the HTML pages updated on the website with the new changes.  Headquarters willhave to re‐post each section.  She also added the forms for the spring and fall reports.  SIG Leaders are also working to get new chapter leaders.  They are working to do this electronically instead of at the Conference to give more people an opportunity to participate. Elaine asked if all of the SIGs were meeting at this year’s conference; so, that the bronze and silver certificates from C&A can be distributed in their respective meetings. Some of the SIGs have recently distributed information about educational opportunities that they are hosting. Emails about these opportunities have been distributed through the list serves. There was discussion about making the Retirees a SIG.  A decision was not made. Elaine indicated that she has a draft of the ACE Calendar of Deadlines that she plans to distribute to the Board of Directors. Tom Knecht indicated that there will be a Retirees gathering at Conference. Suzanne will join the Retirees to discuss the development of the Retirees as a SIG.


 2011 Conference Update

Rhonda Conlon communicated that the registration is now open; and, that all of the speakers have been selected.  The Gary Hermance Speaker is Temple Grandin.  The Reuben Brigham award will be presented during the Monday lunch time period.  There has been some discussion to record the sessions that are not being broadcasted.  There are some concerns that Ohio may not be able to send someone to the Conference to record.  The Xtension Cords are not committed at this time.  The website is acenetc.org. Steve Dodrill indicated that the Board had approved $2,200 for conference funding for 2011.  Rhonda Conlin indicated that Debbie Hagenmeier had expenses from the site visits from last summer.    


Audio/visual equipment will be secured from K‐State.  The equipment will be driven from Kansas to Colorado.  This has helped to reduce the costs of the conference.  Iowa State is sponsoring the conference broadcast.


There are some optional activities.  On Saturday evening, the first day of the conference, there will be the silent auction and a Colorado cookout.  The cost for the cookout is an additional $37.   On the last day of the conference, there is also an optional activity for attendees to go to the Colorado Rockies game on Monday. The Board meeting begins at 12 noon on June 9, 2011 – 5pm on June 10, 2011. The conference committee received 144 proposals for the 2011 Conference.    Two reminders will be sent out before the early registration deadline.


There will be a C&A Awards and Recognition Breakfast from 7:00 am – 9:30am.  A buffet will be provided during this breakfast.   This year, there will be two extended break sessions that are 45 minutes long instead of 15 minutes like the other breaks to encourage more networking.


 2012 Conference Planning

Initial planning for 2012 Conference has begun.  Edwin Remsberg and Debbie Hagenmeier will conduct the site visits.  They are to avoid Father’s Day weekend for the Conference.  They are considering sites in Baltimore, Maryland.  They are considering doing a day trip to USDA in Washington, DC.  Elaine has started to develop the committee with Edwin Remsberg and Joanne Littlefield serving as key people in the planning.  Joanne Littlefield has agreed to serve as the Conference Program Committee Chair. The site visits will take place May 9 – 10, 2011.


 Website Update

Steve Dodrill has been working with the IT team from the management office. There have been some issues with the membership databases to get them to communicate with each other since they are open‐source modules.  All issues are currently being addressed.  The management office is planning to work on code to get the databases to work with each other.  The news page will not work as planned.  The news section modules do not currently send out email notifications.  The site needs to be checked daily to see if there are any updates. Steve communicated that he is yet to receive photos from the Board.  He asked board members to bring their cameras to the conference to generate photos. The tutorials have been held to ensure that members have access to the website and can get logged in to the system prior to sending out the tutorials.

Steve communicated that the Board needs to consider having a communications manager or someone that is responsible for leading the website and other content for the association. Tom is to request that retirees take photos of ACE members if they are in areas close to the institutions in order to generate photos for the website. Faith has posted information to the blog that is awaiting approval. Tom Knecht communicated that the information about Dick Lee’s passing be posted to the website under the news section.  



Robert Casler provided the results of the election.  Becky Koch was elected as Vice President.  Jennifer Alexander as the Western Region Director Elect.  Jennifer Alexander will not be able to serve as the Director Elect because Brad Bechman is moving to Iowa.  Jennifer joined the meeting today to begin understanding her Board role.  Since Becky will becoming the Vice President, a replacement for the Regional Director position is needed.  In addition, Tracey B. Nelson was elected as the Northeastern Region Director‐Elect; Julie Douglas as the SIG Director Elect; and, Marci Hilt as the Retiree Director Elect.Ricky Telg agreed to chair the JAC Board.  The JAC Board will have a conference call in the next two weeks.  Dwayne is attempting to get the most recent issue reviewed and online.  He has some issues that are laid out and ready to go.  Ricky Telg (Florida), Lisa Lundy (LSU), Jason Ellis (Nebraska/Kansas), Mark Anderson Wilk (Oregon State), and Courtney Meyers will serve on the JAC Board.



In Tucson, the Board reviewed the bylaws document.  The officers have also reviewed the bylaws since the October board meeting.  The Officers also requested that the word “shall” be removed.  The Officers also wanted the bylaws to not have punitive language.  Steve allowed Board members an opportunity to ask questions about the changes.   Tom Knecht indicated that he would like to have added to the Bylaws language about the approval of the Retirees Directors’ annual meeting registration fee being waived and an allowed $300 stipend.  Elaine also asked that language about the meeting planner and Treasurer be added to the bylaws. Faith Peppers motioned to have the amended bylaws approved.  Doug Edlund seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.


Strategic Planning Process

Jeff Hino communicated that the committee has been working on the document with the six top issues.  They have added information on rationale, strategies, and implementation for the board to consider.  The document will be sent to the board mid‐April.  A teaser with the strategic plan will be presented at lunch at the Conference.  The plan will be presented at the Business Meeting at Conference.  This will most likely be as a panel discussion at the business meeting.  Robert Casler indicated that the committee should be able to provide a review of the document at the May Board Meeting. Robert Casler indicated that he received a proposal from Express Academic Services to manage the ACE website for $1,000 a year and JAC would be a part of the website.  Tom Knecht indicated that the expectations needed to be clearly defined in writing.  Nicole Singleton asked what the timeline would be for the implementation.  Tom Knecht motioned that the ACE Officers in conjunction with the JAC Editor evaluate the available options and decide whether to incur a $1,000 expenditure for the management of the ACE website and online publication of JAC by Express Academic Services or to incur a $2,000 expenditure for FastPress Journal Publishing to provide online access to JAC.  Faith Peppers seconded the motion.  The Board approved the motion unanimously.   


 Other Items

All new board members are invited to attend the June Board meeting. Jennifer Alexander asked that she be added to the Board list.  Headquarters is to check to see if Allison Eckhardt is on the board list.  Suzanne indicated that she cannot post items to the Board listserv. Elaine requested that Headquarters develop a list of the State Representatives by name and state.   Nicole indicated that this information is currently on the ACE website.14. Adjournment The Board meeting was adjourned at 11:25am MT.

Meeting minutes submitted by Nicole Singleton from ACE Headquarters.

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