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ACE Retiree Update

March 2015

Spring is right around the corner.  For those of us who have braved this harsh winter of 2014-15, its arrival cannot be too soon.  In this issue we begin making plans for the Charleston meeting; see what Tom Bare has been up to over the past few years; introduce a couple new sections to the newsletter; and review progress made on the Membership Directory.   Bob

“Kickin’ it up in the Low Country”  2015 Annual Conference

Consider joining your fellow retirees and other ACE members at this year’s annual conference in Charleston, SC, June 8-11 (Monday through Thursday).  Four or five out-of-state retirees have already mentioned the possibility of traveling to the meeting in this most gentile of Southern cities. 

If you come, plan to attend the first day, at least. The retirees will be meeting as a group in mid-afternoon on the 8th. From there, we will join past presidents at their annual get-together.  Then we will join all members at the opening reception around 6 p.m. The only expense to you will be the open bar at the reception.

We may go to dinner following the reception.  

The following day, we may want to plan an activity such as an historical tour of the city or something else. Or we can join fellow ACE members as they attend the conference’s general and breakout sessions. It’s our agenda so we can make it as formal or informal as we like. 

You would pay daily registration, beginning the second day of the conference, if you attend the conference. The registration cost for all three days is $375. Review the program here

If you are thinking about joining us and have thoughts on our time together in Charleston, contact me at bob.furbee@gmail.com and I’ll see what we might do.

The meeting will be held at the Charleston Marriott.  You may make reservations by calling 800-968-3569.  Be sure to let them know that are with the Association for Communication Excellence conference to get the room discount. See the ACE website for more information.

Sidebars — Brief Updates on Retirees

Chuck Woods enjoys travel, friends, consulting, community activism and the delightful winter weather in Gainesville, FL.  He hopes to attend the 2015 ACE Conference in Charleston, SC.

Since retirement five and a half years ago, Ashley Wood continues to update the 1886 family home in Evinston, Florida, travels extensively, and works on several historical projects in his local area.  Ashley will be featured in the next issue’s Retiree Highlight.

Judy Winn received the 2014 Advocate of the Year Award by Voices for Children.  The award honors a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for outstanding work with children in foster care.  The CASA’s job is to investigate persons involved in the case, making sure the child’s needs are being met.  The CASA also advocates in court for the child’s best interests.  Congratulations, Judy, on this important work.

Pat Calvert reported some time ago that she is hoping to make it to either the Charleston or Memphis conference. 

Send me your brief updates for inclusion in the next issue: travel destinations, awards, honors, rewarding volunteer efforts, hobbies, other updates.

Plugging Away at the ACE Directory

Thanks for those of you who responded to my request in the last issue for membership information (Danny Gardner, Marci Hilt, Judy Winn and Ashley Wood). We were able to whittle our questions down to a few and here they are:

Do you have email addresses for anyone listed here?
Paul Donavan, Ronald Hamilton, James Hayes, James Johnson, J. Lay, Jerry Lester, Carol Sanders, or Herbert Thompson.

OR do you know the name attached to any of these email addresses?  4wbrentwood@sbcglobal.net, agathe@brightok.net; leeric@missouri.edu, ebt4@hughes.net, hall271@bresnam.net

If you have a lead on any of the above, please contact me at bob.furbee@gmail.com.

‘Nother New Section

In addition to Sidebars (above), I would like to add another standing section to our quarterly newsletter. I will post an ACE-related question and your responses will appear in the following issue. These questions will bring pleasant memories to mind (my intention anyway).

For the next newsletter, here is your question: 
“What is your most memorable ACE meeting and why?” 

I know I have many highlights but my thoughts turn to Rapid City, South Dakota in 1991. I’ll share my reasons for choosing South Dakota in the next issue. So, again, which meeting and what made it so memorable? Send to bob.furbee@gmail.com

Retiree Highlights

Speaking of South Dakota, we now hear how Life Member Tom Bare is doing in retirement:

Tom Bare retired from South Dakota State University’s Department of Ag Communications on June 30, 1999.  He had spent 33 years in agricultural communications including 14 years on the staff at Nebraska and 2 years with USAID teaching in Botswana, Africa.  

Tom is best known for his work as producer/host of the live, call-in lawn and garden shows: “Backyard Farmer” in Nebraska and “Garden Line” which he started in South Dakota. He pioneered the “DakotaText” system that provided updated ag marketing and weather information by utilizing the vertical blanking interval of the South Dakota Public TV signal.

Within days of retiring from SDSU, Tom became a travel agent in Brookings, a position he found most enjoyable. Part of his job was to organize and then lead overseas trips.  In the summer of 2000, Tom and his wife Jeanette led a group of 30 on a two-week trip to the “Passion Play” in Oberammergau, Germany.  In 2001, he put a trip together to visit New Zealand, the Great Barrier Reef, and the interior of Australia. On the morning of 9/11, he had over 60 people signed up for the trip. The next morning he only had five left!  Like so many travel agencies across the country, the company went out of business the spring after 9/11.

Tom continues to make use of what he learned as a travel agent. He, his wife, and family have made many trips to Europe and have been on an Alaskan cruise, a cruise to and from Hawaii, and a Mediterranean cruise.

In the fall of 2002, Tom was asked if he might like to try substituting in the Brookings Public School System where his wife was teaching seventh-grade English. Three special education students made up his class the first day he taught at Brookings High.  Little did he know that substitute teaching was to become a second career!  In the early years, Tom substituted throughout the system from grades one through twelve. Today, he only substitutes at the high school level and on rare occasions at the middle school.

Brookings High Principal Paul Von Fischer recently said, “The term “sub” just doesn’t cover what Tom Bare has been for Brookings High School over the years.  I know the largest impact on academic achievement happens not in the boardroom, staff room, or locker room but in the classroom. The goal is keeping classrooms from losing curricular ground when teachers are absent, but finding someone who can move the class forward through curriculum is like striking gold. With his skill set and experiences, Tom could have chosen to do just about anything during his retirement, but our district has been very fortunate to have enjoyed his instruction and supervision in our classrooms as a dedicated, trustworthy, and knowledgeable teacher.”

Tom says he continues to enjoy working with young people because it keeps him active and young in spirit.  He also enjoys the camaraderie of fellow teachers. (Brookings High was named one of the top 400 high schools by TIME magazine in 2014.)

For a period of five years, Tom returned to the SDSU campus in the summers to host “Garden Line.” The show is no longer being produced. He says it is hard to comprehend that both Ag Communications Departments in which he served have been closed.

He will forever cherish the many life-long friends developed through ACE activities. Throughout his career, Tom attended and participated in numerous ACE activities on both the national and state levels. He received the Pioneer ACE Award, the ACE Award of Excellence in Electronic Media, served on the ACE Board as the Retirees Director from 2002-2004, was instrumental in starting the ACE Auction, served as the auctioneer in the early years, and served as co-chair of the 1991 annual meeting held in Rapid City, S.D.

Tom still finds time to enjoy the great out of doors. He and Jeanette are in the process of building a house on the West Virginia farm where he grew up. Their son Ben and his wife Katie are both attorneys in Hartford, Conn. They have an almost-four-year old son, Benji, and a daughter on the way! Son Stacy and his wife Makenzie live in Salt Lake City. Stacy is the Director of Outdoor Programs for the Sierra Club, and Makenzie is on the faculty of Utah Valley University.       

See Tom with some of his students on the ACE website.


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